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WordBrain Themes Tips & Cheats for Hints – New Hack Updated

Puzzle and quiz game enthusiasts pay attention, as the brand new word search puzzle game WordBrain Themes just reached the stores! Are you smart enough to progress from a mere Word Apprentice to Word Super Mastermind by completing 114 challenging word puzzles? Complete themes, collapse words and figure out all the solutions to become the biggest genius around in 2016!

WordBrain Themes is the newest word search puzzle release of Mag Interactive, a developer focused mostly on puzzle and quiz games. They have previously released titles such as WordBrain, Ruzzle, QuizCross and Potion Pop – Puzzle Match already in 2016.

WordBrain Themes has earned a 4.4/5 stars rating on the Google Play Store, while having a similarly positive 4.5/5 stars rating on the Apple App Store in 2016. With close to five million downloads, this is definitely one of the most successful puzzle games lately. But what is the secret to create such an addicting and thought provoking title? Read on below to find out!

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About WordBrain Themes

Whether you played word search puzzles before or not, you most probably at least heard about their general gameplay before. Basically what all of these games have is a grid made of scrambled letters, and you have to find certain coherent words in it. In certain games you have the correct words listed somewhere, so you know what to search for, but in the case of WordBrain Themes this works differently.


In this game the first thing you have to do is select from one of the available themes in the main menu. There are overall 28 difficulty levels, each having 4 themes, plus a 2 themes tutorial in the very beginning. This means an overall 114 themes, each containing 5 levels, adding up to 570 levels. Now, once you choose a theme, you will have to complete the first level to move on to the next, but you can also decide to start another one of the available themes at any time. Keep in mind though that until you complete all four themes in a difficulty level, you won’t be able to progress to the next one.

Now, in the levels of WordBrain Themes you always have to find two words, and there are no extra letters on the board at any time. All of the letters have to be used up to form the correct words, which once you have done will let you move on to the next level. These levels also don’t list the required words at any time, so you will have to figure them out based entirely on the theme of the current level. For example, if you play the ”Food” theme, then you will have to search for words like Meat or Rice, but if you play ”Party”, then you should look for words such as Music or Dance.

The trick in the gameplay of this title is that when you connect letters to form a word, those letters will disappear from the board, causing the remaining letters to collapse! So if you complete a word that was below a few other letters, those above will fall down and maybe rearrange based on how they land. This adds an extra element of challenge, as sometimes you might be unable to complete the second word if its letters landed in a bad position. In this case you can use the restart button for free, which will reset the board to the beginning state, and you get another chance to connect the letters in a better order.

Another factor that ups the challenge of WordBrain Themes is the size of the game board. Depending on the difficulty level you play, the board can range from 3×3 to 7×7. As the board gets bigger, words can get longer and more complicated as well. So while the Mammals theme in the 3×3 Word Trainee difficulty might not be too hard, Mammals in the 5×5 Word Champion difficulty could provide a much greater challenge!


Don’t worry though, as the game has a hints system to help you out! You start with 10 hints in the beginning, and for every theme fully completed you will gain an extra hint. These then can be used on any level to reveal the first letter of a word that you should be looking for. So if you want to reveal both words’ first letters, then that will cost double the hints instead.

Depending on how well you do, your ”Brain Size” indicator will increase after every completed level, which acts as a personal rating system. Another way to see your progress is by the total completion percentage, which indicates how much of the game you already finished.

WordBrain Themes also offers in-app purchases to get hints, in case you were to run out of them. These start at the price of $1.49 for 10 hints, while the biggest package costs $22.99 and includes 200 hints.

Cheats & Tips for WordBrain Themes

Cheats in WordBrain Themes are mostly related to ways in which you can earn extra hints, but there are also some tips and tricks to easen the gameplay. If you are curious, then let me tell you some more!

One of the easiest cheats you can find in the game is related to Facebook. You can’t actually login to your social media profile in the game, but it offers an option to share the game on your wall and earn 10 hints for it. You can immediately delete this share afterwards, while the 10 hints will still be credited to your account!


As for gameplay tips, I would suggest you to try and save most of your hints, even if the current level seems really hard at first. You can at any time choose a different theme from the current difficulty level and play that instead, if you get stuck in another. Then once you manage to complete all of easier themes, only then go back to the harder one!

If you still feel the need to spend some hints in WordBrain Themes, then try to only use one per level. This will let you know the starting letter of one of the words, which is usually enough to figure out the second word afterwards! Doing it this will way spare a lot of your hints, which would otherwise be wasted on the same level.

Now, if you got seriously stuck in the game, then you could also consider looking up the answers on the internet. There is no time limit on any of the levels, so you have enough time to do this. I recommend watching the youtube videos of TechZinga, who shows how to complete all the difficulty levels in short videos! This is definitely cheating, so do it only if you want to get rid of the challenging aspect of WordBrain Themes!

WordBrain Themes Review

Word search games can be found under thousands of titles on the mobile platforms, but it’s hard to find ones that are actually anything different from the well tried standards of the genre. WordBrain Themes is a game that actually aims to provide some change, and increase the challenge at the same time. Because innovations appeal to me, I decided to give it a chance and see if it truly brings something to be excited for!


As far as the design and the menu usability of the game goes, it’s very simplistic and nothing really seemed off to me. I found my way to the actual gameplay quite fast, and it just felt generally easy to get into the game, making it easy to just pick it up and play at any time. I also liked the idea that the levels are separated by themes, while the themes are clearly located in difficulty levels that make it easy to expect when the challenge will next rise.

As for the general difficulty, I found this to be rather unstable. What I mean by this is that certain levels were very obvious by containing words like Food or Drink, while others took me a good few minutes to figure out. For example the Weather theme had a level that included Winter and Dew, which I couldn’t figure out for a while. Sure, it sounds easier written like this, but the scrambled letters are not always that simple.

This difficulty is not a bad thing though, and I enjoyed the game for the fact that it managed to provide levels that are easier than the others, while there are still many that can make someone scratch their heads. Thankfully the difficulty levels are clearly indicated by the categories in which themes are located, so it was never a surprise when I wandered into a harder part WordBrain Themes.

While the word search gameplay is done just as well as expected, the collapsing letters feature is what makes this game even more interesting. Because of this feature it’s a lot harder to complete levels, as even though I managed to find a word at times, connecting it in the wrong order or using a different E instead of the correct one made it impossible to finish the second word. But restarting was never frustrating, since I already knew the correct word, and all I had to do was try new connection methods.

Regarding the hints system, I think this is done in an almost perfect way as well. These hints don’t actually give away too much, but provide some slight help that can easily aid anyone in the right direction. Then the fact that a free hint is gained for every completed theme is just the icing on the cake.


In conclusion, WordBrain Themes is an almost perfect word search game, which not only does the basics well, but also provides a new feature that makes the gameplay a lot more exciting. If you love the word search genre and are ready for a great challenge, then you will definitely enjoy this one as well!

WordBrain Ratings

Artwork: The artwork of WordBrain Themes gets an 8/10. A simple, clean and well designed interface in presented in this game, which just works out well in every aspect. It takes a very short time to get into an actual game, as there is no clutter anywhere, adding some extra usability.

Music & SFX: I give the SFX of this title a 7/10. I can’t actually rate the music of this game, as there is no such thing. This is actually not a big problem, as this kind of word search game doesn’t really require a constant background noise. The SFX are limited to button press and success sounds that play when a level is completed, but these work well in an addicting puzzle experience.

Story & Originality: For the originality of WordBrain Themes, it deserves a 9/10. While the base of this game is very similar to all the standard word search titles, it’s still a bit differently executed. Additionally, it provides a new feature in the form of collapsing letters, which just makes the gameplay a lot more fun.

General Gameplay: The general gameplay gets a 9/10. The basics of the word search genre are definitely in place in this game, while the way it’s presented is also great. The wide variety of themes, difficulty levels and the letter collapse mechanic all ad up into an exciting and though provoking experience.

Addictiveness: As for the addictiveness rating of the game, it gets a 9/10 from me. This is unquestionably a highly addicting puzzle game with 570 levels that can last a very long time even for the most patient players. Thanks to the hints system it also never really gets frustrating, and remains easy to pick up and play.

Overall Score: 8/10.

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