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Tricks & Tips for Farmville 2

In the very beginning of the game, you’re put in charge of a smallish piece of land, progressing through the game at a steady rate will allow you to unlock new areas of the farm, thus giving you more space to place fancy new objects. Completing certain specific tasks will allow you to unlock these new pieces of land however, you are only allowed to unlock the pieces of land that directly surround your farm and nothing further until you’ve unlocked the piece in front of it. Keep in mind that the farther out you travel, the more money expanding is going to cost you, so only expand if you truly need the space.

Other pretty large parts of the game are the animals available and the recipes you’re able to prepare. Animals have the capability to generate XP and look cute whilst doing it, they can also provide you with special objects which can either be used in your recipes or sold on the market. The easiest way to obtain new animals is to unlock new land, which is something that you’re naturally going to do as you progress through the game anyways. When you unlock a piece of land which has animals on it, those animals automatically become yours. Although, animals are also available for purchase as babies, these take time and milk to mature into full adult animals which can sometimes seriously be a pain in the butt.


You have a limit of fifty animals on your farm, a limit which you will more than likely not fill up. Playing around with the recipes can be super fun and they really do make you a decent bit of cash within the game. Just ensure that you have the animal byproducts that you need and the relevant buildings before you commit to the recipe path of gaining XP, either way, this is my favorite way of gaining XP and money, so I definitely recommend that you try out the process and least once.

One of the downsides of trying to hack this game is the fact that is server sided, so more than likely, any attempts you make at hacking the game will fail. Instead, I have a variety of good old fashion tip and tricks, just like they’ve got on the farm!

If you’re committed to the route of earning XP and cash through farming crops, I recommend concentrating on the short term crops and you’ll have a steady flow of money and XP without having to wait several hours, so it actually works out as you earning more despite receiving in such small increments. If you’ve got a crops that is going to take 8 hours to ripen, they are going to provide you with way less XP and money than crops that may only take two hours to ripen, with these, you’ll be able to harvest multiple times in the time it takes your eight hour crop to finish growing.

Take advantage of the fact that the game has Facebook integration and find any of your friends who might play the game also and have them as friends in the game, when people know you play the game, you’ll need to prepare yourself for the flood of gifts and requests that are going to be heading your way. The more friends you have in the game, the more gifts you’ll end up receiving.

Ultimately, just make sure you have fun while playing the game!

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