At we’ve tested just about every hack tool you can imagine (seriously we’ve probably spent days downloading/trying different “software”.) The truth is 95% of hack tools you see available for download are scams. Most of them either don’t work or even worse have viruses built into them.

The only software we’ve found that has worked for all the games we’ve tested it on (around 40 games total) and has been 100% safe to use (tested in over 10 antivirus software systems + decompiled and manually looked over the source code) are the ones you can get at

The thing is you need a password to actually get into the website to use any of the tools. We will try to keep this page updated with the passwords that work for the website, however if you find a new password please send us a message so we can update this post as well.

Current Working Password As of August 2017 : droid22

NOTE: Use only lowercase letters, it doesn’t seem to work if you capitalize anything!

To login you just need to go to and it should prompt you for a password.  Then enter the above password and you should be able to get into the site.

The only thing that sucks about the website is they make you fill out a survey or something like it before downloading. Not sure if it’s for security reasons or to make money but it literally takes like 2 minutes so it’s not a huge deal. Plus once you’ve down it once you can access all the downloads without having to repeat which is nice.

The Pros:

  • Specific Hack Tools For Popular Games
  • General Hack Tools That Work For Most All iOS & Android Games
  • 100% Safe To Use
  • Ability to Hide Your Account Info
  • Works on All Devices (at least the ones we’ve tested)
  • Works in All Countries (We used proxies and tested 20 so we are assuming as much)

The Cons:

  • You Need A Password To Enter
  • You Need To Do A Survey or Something Similar To Access It

How it Works:

  1. Download the hack tool to your device or computer (if using your computer just attach your device with the usb cable while using it.)
  2. To download the hack tool you are going to need to complete the human verification. We know it sucks but it’s the only way to stop hackers from crashing the servers.  Without it spammers are able to start thousands of downloads at the same time and crash the download partners servers.  We wish we didn’t have to use the verification but it only takes a few minutes and most our users think it’s worth it for the free premium currency and cheats. Plus you can win stuff and earn prizes from doing the human verifications!
  3. After running the hack tool be sure to comment on the download page so other users can see that it actually works.
  4. If you run into any issues just send our support team a message.

Disclaimer: While we don’t condone people cheating on these games we also know that people want to and think everyone should be able to play their games however they want. So feel free to use the above resources if you like, it’s really your choice.