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Taxi Game Guide & Tips

Taxi Game is brought to you by Baklabs for 2016. Taxi Game is categorized as a Simulation game, but is more accurately to be described as a driving game. Taxi Game is exactly what you would expect from a game called Taxi Game, you are the driver of a cab in this city and your main job is to pick people up and drop them off at their destination. Taxi Game is a must try for anyone who is a fan of driving games simply because this game takes those games to the next level. Your task is very simple, get people from their stops to their destination as soon as possible.

The faster you drop people off, the more points you get and the lower the time you get, the more stars you get. Each level is randomly generated with a certain amount of people and places, so you will never get the same level more than one time in a row. Taxi Game features a huge city that is very diverse and changes depending upon the level you are in. Taxi Game also has incredibly smooth controls that fans will absolutely love and want to keep on coming back to. Whether you are a regular fan of driving games or not, Taxi Game is one to try out in 2016.

Taxi Game is currently only available on the Android marketplace. As of now, the developers have not said whether or not they wish to release the game on the iTunes marketplace, so iTunes fans, just stay tuned and check your app store daily! Taxi Game is completely free to download on the Android app store and has more than 10 million total installations since its release less than a few months ago in 2016. With over 100,000 total reviews, Taxi Game has received some mixed reviews. Taxi Game has an average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars, which isn’t the best, but considering how many reviews the app has, it is a pretty decent average.

About Taxi Game

Taxi Game is unlike your average driving game because this one takes it to the next level by looking realistic and simulating what it might be like to have your own actual taxi cab. Taxi Game features a big city that you can explore as you play through the main campaign of the game. Each level has a different landscape and takes you to a different part of the city. As you will see, Taxi Game looks great with its 3D graphics that fans will absolutely love.


Taxi Game is also noted for having missions that people will love because it will put you against the clock to see if you can get everyone to their destination in not only a timely fashion, but a safe one as well. Taxi Game does actually have a health system. The more you crash into buildings, people, and objects, the more health you lose. If you lose all of your health, you will abandon the mission and be forced to start it over again. Taxi Game is something that is unconventional and a game that most people have not experienced, if you find yourself in this category, change your status and check out this amazing game!

Taxi Game does feature in game advertisements. The ads that are featured in Taxi Game appear either before or after each level that you play through. In my experience, the ads have been 30 seconds, but been able to be skipped after watching for only 5 seconds. I did sometimes even get an ad after both playing and ending a game, but an ad was never launched while I was in the middle of a level. I do think there may have been a bit too much of advertisements going on in this game, but considering the dev does not have any in app purchases, this is the best way for them to supplement development costs.

Taxi Game does not feature an extensive tutorial, instead, players are thrown into the game with only the controls on the screen. Players are supposed to figure out the controls on their own, but considering the game only has a few controls, it is not super difficult to figure them out. The controls are basically steer, gas, reverse, and break. You can easily identify each control by what they look like in real life. I do not necessarily think that a tutorial was needed for this game, but some people do like to have a little introduction to the game so they can get accustomed to the controls without having the pressure of the campaign on them.

Taxi Game does not currently have any in app purchases available in the game. This is a little bit of a surprise because some of the developers other games have in app purchases, so maybe this will be something added later into the game. I do think that this game might benefit from in app purchases at least to the point where you can get rid of all of the advertisements in the game. I think a lot of the more dedicated fans would definitely like to remove the ads from the game so they can have an undisturbed play through of the game. I do think that eventually this might change, but as of now, this is the version of the game we have to work with.

Cheats & Tips for Taxi Game

One of the biggest tips I can provide for Taxi Game is to make sure you fully stop when you are picking up a new customer in your taxi. You have to completely stop in order to pick up another customer. You will notice a little bar by your taxi, this bar symbolizes how much longer you have to wait in order to have fully picked up that customer. Once the bar is almost full, you can actually start accelerating with the anticipation of the customer getting into the car. Once you pick them up, look to the mini map to see where you need to drop them off at.


Another tip I can provide for Taxi Game is to make sure you are checking the map of the game. The map will tell you where you have to both pick up and drop off new customers. The map will definitely help you because you can actually predict whether you have to turn onto a new street, or continue on the one that you are on. This will definitely help you out because you can plan out your route and get to where you have to go in the quickest period of time.

My third tip for Taxi Game is that you can actually speed through the drop off points for your customers. You don’t actually have to fully stop at where your customers wish to arrive at, you can go right through their point and onto the next stop. The same applies to the end goal point. You do not have to stop and knowing this can save you a lot of valuable time and effort on your part. With that saved time, you can actually get a better score because you will arrive at your destination quicker which will lead to a higher score.


My last tip for Taxi Game is to make sure you are using the control that suits you the best. There are three different ways to steer the car and trying them all out and figuring out which one is best for you is really important. It is completely preference which one you use, personally, I  like the steering wheel one because it is intuitive and easy for me to use. Whichever steering control you like the most after trying them, that’s the one you should use because you will be more comfortable with it and be able to get better scores. Take your own personal preferences to the settings to and that will lead you to getting the highest scores possible and possibly earn them bragging rights from your friends.

Taxi Game Review

Overall, I think that Taxi Game is a really fun game that a lot of people will either really like, or dislike. The gameplay in Taxi Game is a lot of fun because it really does simulate what it might be like to drive around in a taxi and have to pick up and drop off customers. The gameplay is not super intense or realistic, but it is a fun simulation that you can easily enjoy in your down time. I really enjoyed the fact that Taxi Game had a big campaign that had a lot of different styles of missions each located in a slightly different part of the city and requiring you to pick up different customers.


Not only does the gameplay create a really good time, but the art style and controls are also really well put together. The art is a 3D style that has a lot of detail focused on the city and your surroundings. The controls in this game are also something to be mentioned because you have three different options in how you wish to control your vehicle.

The first thing I noticed when playing through Taxi Game is the gameplay. The gameplay was really fun and I think it is something that almost everyone can and will enjoy. The gameplay is very simple, you have to go to checkpoints to pick up customers, then drop them off at another checkpoint. This might entail you having to turn around, or switch which street you’re on.

The game starts you off easy in the first few levels, but progressively gets harder and requires you to go further an adding more obstacles and traffic to the mix. Another thing about the gameplay that I really enjoyed was the fact that the controls made it so much more enjoyable. The controls were really solid and were completely smooth. I have absolutely no issues with the controls and some driving games really suffer from having poor controls and vehicle movement.

The next thing I really thought the developers did a great job on was the art. The art style was somewhat cartoony with some realistic elements thrown in there. I thought the balance between real looking graphics and cartoon ones was really great and it I think this will appeal a wider crowd to the game. The art was also really enticing because it wasn’t too bright or focused on one color scheme, so you could play this game at any time of day without straining your eyes.

The art was definitely one my personal favorite aesthetic parts of the game, the only thing I would have changed about the art was the ability to actually change how your taxi cab looks. I think adding in this feature would have made a great difference because people would have been able to customize their cabs and make it a bit more personal and definitely entice more people towards this game.

The last thing I’d care to comment on about Taxi Game is the campaign. I think the campaign adds a really great touch to this game because it gives something for the player to work towards and build progression. The campaign has over 20 levels where you can find your way around the city and explore your routes. I also think the campaign does a great job of keeping the gameplay somewhat diverse. As you play through it, you will see that the levels start out easy, but steadily get harder and harder.


You will eventually have to get more and more customers and have to drop them off at further and further places. Having this amazing campaign also challenges players to compete with their friends to see who has the most amount of stars and the highest overall score. You can definitely get competitive with your friends and I think that is important in any game, and especially in a game like this where this isn’t much else to do aside from the main campaign of the game.

Taxi Game Ratings

Artwork: I give the artwork in Taxi Game a 7/10. I think the artwork is one of the more interesting pieces in this game because it is a nice mixture of realistic and cartoonish graphics. The art definitely drew me into the game because it was 3 dimensional and visually appealing, but I do think there should have been some changes to the art. I think this art could have been improved if there were the option to change the city that you are in. Perhaps adding the ability to move to another city would be another viable option. I also think having the ability to change the color and way your cab looks would have been a great option. This way people can actually customize their cab and make it more personal and give them more of an incentive to play.

Music and Sound Effects: I give the music and sound effects of Taxi Game a 6/10. I think the music and sound effects are a bit lacking in comparison to everything else. The music is kind of boring and gets really annoying after playing the game for more than 5 minutes. I would have loved to have seen something different for each level that you play. This would have kept the game fresh and perhaps let people not have to mute the sounds. I do think the sound effects are in the same boat as the music. I do not see any reason why someone wouldn’t mute the sounds of the game in place of their own music or no sound at all.

Story and Originality: I give the story and originality of Taxi Game a 7/10. The game does not advertise to have a story, so it is not really fair to judge it on this. As far as originality goes, I think this game is definitely original. I have never seen a taxi cab simulator on the Android marketplace before. I think this is a great way to put a classic game on the Android app store for everyone to enjoy.

General Gameplay and Addictiveness: I give the general gameplay and addictiveness an 8/10.  I think the gameplay is a lot of fun and definitely unique. The gameplay is a lot of fun because it is so simple and the controls are absolutely amazing. The game is very easy to control and the gameplay is smooth between each level. The levels get progressively harder so there is incentive to keep on playing the game and not just uninstall it after the first time you play it.

Overall, I think that Taxi Game is a game that will easily become one of the most downloaded games on the Android marketplace. Taxi Game is a super fun game that anyone can enjoy because the gameplay is so simple. Despite the simple gameplay, the game does get difficult, especially if you are trying to get three stars on every single level. The levels get progressively harder and even give you a score, so you can easily compare scores with your friends and see who the better player really is. I definitely recommend downloading and checking out Taxi Game because it is such a fun game that everyone can and will enjoy. Download Taxi Game today and start your taxi career!

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