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Shadowverse Tips, Cheats, & Hack for Crystals, Boosters, & Health Potions

If you are a gamer, whether a casual one or not, you must have heard about a very popular card game called Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Card games have been quite popular since about the time that Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon first were released. You will also find a ton of card games on mobile platforms nowadays, and one of the latest additions is called Shadowverse, developed for 2016. Build an assorted deck of over four hundred mystical cards, participate in ranked and unranked battles against random players, use cunning strategies and strike when your opponents least expect it!

Shadowverse is a mobile card game that has been developed and published by a Japanese game company called Cygames. Taking a look at their corporate profile will reveal that Cygames is not playing around when it comes to the gaming industry. The company itself was founded in 2011, and their office is located in Tokyo, the capital of Japan during 2016. Cygames even has the guts to state the capital that they have, which roughly converted is over five hundred thousand dollars. They also have over twelve hundred staff members, so you can expect their games to be quite impressive.

Since the game development company is so large, it is only natural that you can find their games on both iOS App Store and Google Play Store. The problem is that Shadowverse is only available in a select amount of countries, namely countries in Asia. If you happen to not be in any of those countries, you will not be able to download and play Shadowverse. Aside from that, the game is doing quite well, having between fifty and a hundred thousand downloads so far. With a 4.5 out of 5 star rating, and 3.6 out of 5 point rating, Shadowverse proves to be an excellent card game in 2016.

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About Shadowverse

Since Shadowverse is an online game, it is advised that you play the game with a stable internet connection, preferable a Wi-Fi one, simply due to the fact that the game regularly gets updated by the developers. This is also the reason why the game always checks for new versions at very start of it, and when there is an update, you will need to download and install it before you are able to start playing the game. Shadowverse also requires you to create a username/account.


The username will have to be unique and have less than twelve characters. You do not have to worry about being stuck with the same username for your entire Shadowverse gameplay. The developers allow you to change your username later on during your gameplay, which is a thing that you do not see very often in any online game. At the beginning, you will read a short poem-like story, in which you’ll learn that the world gets covered by darkness, and you need to save it.

There is a prologue before the main game, which is basically the tutorial of Shadowverse. There are two young elves named Losaria and Arisa who live in the words. They are training tirelessly to one day become the forest guardians. There is a dialogue between the two elves, and shortly after that, Arisa gets kidnapped by a mysterious beast, and it is up to Losaria to get her back.

Shadowverse is all about the battle stages. You and your opponent will stand face to face in an epic card battle. At the beginning of the battle, the game will determine who gets to draw the first card. Cards in Shadowverse can be played by spending play points. To play a card, you will need to drag it from your hand to your area. There are three different types of cards; followers, spells and amulets. Each card’s play point cost is displayed on the top-left corner of your screen.

Follower cards are the cards that you will need to attack your opponent. Regular follower cards cannot attack on the turn they are played. After you completed your actions, you’ll need to tap on the “end turn” button on the right side of the screen. After your turn has ended, the turn will automatically go to your opponent. This is the basic setup of every single battle in Shadowverse.


Shadowverse is all about attacking your opponents’ life points, and eventually take them down. Since you and your opponent both will have followers on the field, you are going to have to drag your own follower towards the enemy follower, in order to attack it and take it destroy it. At the bottom-left corner of the follower cards, you will see the amount of damage that the follower is able to deal. On the bottom-right corner of the follower cards, you will see how much damage will destroy the follower. You will need to wait for your turn and use play point orbs to attack.

When you have to leftover play points, you can place additional cards in your area, increasing your defense. You can choose to attack the enemy leader even if they have a follower in their area. Try attacking the enemy leader with your follower to see the enemy’s health going down. Just like regular followers, the leaders also have an amount of damage that they can take before they get destroyed. When your opponent has a follower with Ward in play, you can’t attack any other enemies until you have destroyed that card. Take down the Ward to continue the battle.

After a specific amount of turns, you will receive an evolution point, which you are able to use to evolve a follower once per turn. Only one follower can be evolved per turn. The first player receives two evolution points per battle, and the second player receives three. When followers evolve, they get stronger, they can also attack enemy followers on the turn they were played. Evolving is a significant part in Shadowverse, because it allows you to use strategies to destroy your enemies. Evolving simply makes one of your weak followers much stronger than before.

Aside from the fact that you can use follower cards to attack and destroy enemies, you can also use spell and amulet cards. Spell cards can be played on the field, hidden from the enemy. You can activate a spell card whenever you want, but the effect only lasts for one turn only. There is also the advantage of spell cards not taking up a slot in your area, unlike followers and amulets. Amulet cards have a more supportive role. They bind to you, and give you some perks/boosters.


To summarize the gameplay in Shadowverse, you are simply going to want to progress through the storyline, making sure that you save the world from darkness. That being said, Shadowverse also has an online battle mode, which comes in two sub modes, ranked and unranked. You can battle against your friends, or random players around the world, and see whose deck is better. Unranked battles are for people that do not care about the leaderboards and just play for fun.

Shadowverse In-game store

The only currency in Shadowverse is in the form of crystals, which you can earn in small portions by successfully winning battles in the story mode, as well as in ranked and unranked battles. You can use your crystals to enhance your deck with better follower, spell and amulet cards, making you a much tougher opponent to beat. You also require a set amount of crystals to unlock more features in Shadowverse, travel further on the world map and to progress through the game. If you don’t upgrade your deck regularly, you will not stand a chance against stronger opponents.


You can also use crystals to purchase boosters, power-ups and health potions. You can use said items during your battles, which is great for having an advantage over your opponents, as well as making sure that you do not easily lose a battle. The items can be used in online battles too.

There is an in-game store in Shadowverse where you can purchase crystal packages. The price for crystals varies between $0.99 for 50 crystals and $79.99 for 5000 crystals. There is also a one-time deal package that has 600 crystals in it, and goes for the price of $5.99. If you want to spend big, there is also a Special Offer for the price of $40.99, and has 3800 crystals in it.

Cheats & Tips for Shadowverse

For some reason, when you search for Shadowverse cheats using Google as your search engine, a lot of websites show up that have absolutely nothing to do with mobile game cheats. I clicked on several of those websites to see what they were about, but all you see is random paragraphs with words that are close to Shadowverse, or related to the game in a way. Sometimes, it is just the title of the website that is related to Shadowverse, and everything else on the website is just plain gibberish. This is the first time I am experiencing something like this, and I find it quite odd.


That being said, if you skim through all the garbage and gibberish websites, there is a generator here and there that you are supposedly able to use to get as many Shadowverse crystals as you want. There is absolutely no chance for such generators to actually work, because how would it even connect to your mobile device, let alone hack the game. Shadowverse is also a game that runs on secure servers, so even if the game could hack local files, you won’t see anything appear in the game itself. Don’t just go and download any “cheat” or “hack” that you find on the net.

Shadowverse Gameplay Tips and Tricks

At the start of each battle, when you draw your starter deck, you need to keep in mind that you are able to redraw any of the cards in your starter deck. What you should do is keep every single low-cost card that you can play in the early rounds of the battle, and simply choose the redraw option for any expensive card that you may have. You won’t be able to play any expensive cards until later on in the battle, and if your starter deck only exists of them, you are in big trouble.

At the beginning of the gameplay in Shadowverse, there is a tutorial that teaches you how you should play the game, as well as shows you all of the different features. If you don’t feel like you want to go through the tutorial, or you already have a grasp of the gameplay, you can tap on the “skip” button at the top-right corner in each of the tutorial battles. Skipping the tutorial battles will not have a negative influence on you, and you will simply receive a win for those battles. It’s advised that you complete the tutorial, simply because you will receive tutorial rewards for it.

Shadowverse Review

I am an Android smartphone user, and whenever I see a game or app on Google Play Store that has many one-point ratings, I automatically assume that the game or app is low in quality. The same thing happened for Shadowverse, which has an average rating of 3.6 out of 5, but reading the latest reviews suggests that the game is actually pretty bad. I have to say that those reviews were not true at all, and this could either be because the game got updated recently, or that the smartphones and tablets that those negative people use are not compatible with Shadowverse.


First of all, Shadowverse has amazing graphics. In fact, the graphics are so good, that I would’ve expected such a quality of graphics in desktop games. Besides the amazing graphics, I’m actually more impressed with the music and sound effects in the game, namely the voice acting. Every single character in Shadowverse has a unique voice, spoken in by real people. The time, effort and dedication that such a project costs is unimaginable, and that all for a free-to-play game.

Two other positive aspects about Shadowverse is that the game does not have advertisements or playtime limitation systems in it. Keeping the game clear of advertisements simply makes the gameplay much better, and not getting restricted by any playtime limitation systems allows you to play the game whenever and however you want. This simply makes the game more addictive.

Unfortunately, Shadowverse also has some negative aspects. For starters, the crystals are way too difficult to obtain by just playing the game, and they are very expensive to purchase. There is the fact that Shadowverse is a free-to-play mobile game, but that doesn’t mean that it cannot be a pay-to-win one at the same time. Players that spend money on crystals will be able to make much stronger card decks compared to players that don’t. Getting matched against a player that spent money on crystals will almost guarantee that you will lose that battle, which is annoying.

Shadowverse also suffers from server bugs/errors, which causes the game to stop responding. If it happens, it means that you are going to have to restart your game. Restarting the game is one problem in on itself, but if you happen to be in a battle, it means that you automatically lose it.

Shadowverse Ratings

Artwork: I give Shadowverse a 9/10 for its artwork. Shadowverse has an amazing anime-like art style, and I feel like it really fits perfectly with the fantasy theme of the game. You will find over four hundred different cards in Shadowverse, which all look very impressive. I really like the way that the battlefield looks in Shadowverse, especially with all of those animations/special effects.

Music & SFX: I give Shadowverse a 9/10 for its music and SFX. Besides having amazing graphics, Shadowverse also has some amazing soundtracks and sound effects. I have already mentioned this above, but the fact that each character in Shadowverse has a unique voice really makes the game that much better. Thanks to the effort that the developers put into this game, you should expect to play one of the best mobile card games that is currently available on the app markets.

Story & Originality: I give Shadowverse an 8/10 for its story and originality. It’s not a secret that digital card games have been around for nearly two decades now, and Shadowverse is not the first one to come up with such a gameplay, but that doesn’t mean that game is not original. The story alone in Shadowverse already makes the game very unique, and that is much appreciated.

General Gameplay: I give Shadowverse a 7/10 for general gameplay. I think it is great that you are able to skip the long, but interesting tutorial at the beginning of Shadowverse. Most people are too impatient to sit through a tutorial, and they get very annoyed when they cannot skip it. It is very nice that there is a single player storyline, as well as online battles in the game. I just dislike the fact that Shadowverse is a pay-to-win game, and free players don’t stand a chance.

Addictiveness: I give Shadowverse a 7/10 for addictiveness. Shadowverse is an interesting, and a very addictive game, if you are into digital card games/card battles. The game has some very nice features in it, but because it is a pay-to-win game, it loses most of its charm/addictiveness.

All things considered, I give Shadowverse an 8/10.

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