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Sacred Legends Cheats & Tips for Diamonds

Deep Silver is a company that’s already been quite successful on other platforms such as consoles and PC. This is one of their latest attempts from them to actually make it to the mobile industry while keeping an impeccable successes list. While the game might seem just like any other RPG on your first playthrough you won’t really have any problem finding the things that actually make it stand out in 2016. As you go through the game you’ll notice a few things that are quite innovative such as the immersive gameplay and the way that the gameplay is carried out as the fighting animations and mechanics are just way too good for this sort of game.

This is quite an ambitious decision from Deep Silver as these games tend to have a lot of content and while most games do have a significant amount of content, most of them don’t really feature the most important part, which is the quality of the content, especially during 2016. You might argue that on these games it’s more like quantity over quality but it’s not and it’ll never be as it’s highly noticeable on these games because of how much you have to interact with the environment and other NPCs.

This game is currently available for both platforms iOS and Android, and there’s a very noticeable difference between the acceptances on these two platforms as the game has gotten more positive reviews on the android platform than on the iOS. On the Google Play Store this game has around 4 stars and over 2,800 total reviews which are mostly positive even though there have been a few issues lately with the game on the latest update. On the iTunes App Store the game currently has 4 stars with over 22 total reviews in 2016.


About Sacred Legends

The game features a simple gameplay where the character will move by itself once you’ve cleared the wave and you’ll only have to press the skills buttons so that you can use them. Most of the time your character’s auto attack will be enough as they’re quite powerful but it’s more fun when you’re actually doing something. As you progress through the game you’ll notice that this game is a full on RPG that won’t lack of any of its features but despite the amount of content it might have, it isn’t very well-developed and has a lot of bugs.


The content features a decent quality at best and that’s something that’s not quite acceptable on the RPGs as it’s way too noticeable to be ignored and most users notice that from the very beginning and that’s what determines their next step whether it’s to stay or uninstalling the game. The game features a clear storyline that’ll be explained to you in a cutscene at the beginning of the game every single time you launch the game which is nice because you might have skipped it at the beginning by accident and if you’re willing to understand the story behind the game it’ll come in handy.

The game has been undergoing constant optimization as it’s full of bugs at the moment but it was even worse a while back. The developers are working a lot in order to ensure the fact that the players get a stable and immersive experience without having any issues and they’ve been getting better at it. It’s just not as easy as you might think. It’s more than likely that the reason behind the amount of negative reviews is the fact that the latest updates have been fairly unstable and while the developers really wanted to make the game more stable they’ve just made it worse with those updates. Anyways, to be able to play this game on your android device you’ll need any device running at least android version 4.3. To be able to play this game on your iOS device you’ll need any iOS device running at least iOS 7.0.

The game itself features enough content to stand out from the rest but the fact that it’s just decent quality at its best makes it a little bit difficult to actually embrace the entirety of the game as a good RPG but it’s not so bad. The gameplay is quite simple and it features an initial level that’ll let you know the basic mechanics behind the play style so that you get a proper understanding on how everything works so that you don’t have any problems while going through the game.

Sacred Legends In Game Store


The game does feature an in game store and it also has a premium currency known as diamonds. These diamonds are available to be purchased by the player with the use of real currency. These diamonds will give you a head start that’ll allow you to purchase a lot of different items that might have a direct impact on your gameplay. As you go through the game you might experience a few issues with some difficult zones, most of the time you’ll be able to clear them out after a few tries but if you want to go right through it you can simply buy a few items that greatly improve your character’s stats with these diamonds and you won’t have any problems anymore.

Cheats & Tips for Sacred Legends

Sacred Legends just like any other RPG has a lot of tips and cheats due to the amount of content that it really has. The fact that it’s so unstable is relatively good for those looking for easy ways to progress through the game and exploit a few bugs that are currently present within the game. The server check performed at launch is a good way to catch modders so I wouldn’t recommend you to use any modded versions of the game as it might result in a ban from the game.


Just like any other RPG you’ll have to do tons of grinding and while that might be a deal breaker for some people some other just love it. If you’re like me and grind within the games for a few hours it’s most than likely that you’re going to find a few rare items that’ll boost your character’s stats by a great deal. But don’t really count on it as it’s really difficult and rare to actually find a good item just from grinding. However, you shouldn’t really worry about that and start going through the quests available within the game. These quests often have a few rare items as a reward which can come in handy at any point of the game. Remember that there are different item tiers and you’ll have to focus on getting as many rare/unique items as you can because those are the most powerful ones and they will have a strong impact on your overall gameplay.

While the gameplay of the game can be fairly easy you might still experience a few issues with it. Don’t worry about it as most RPG players experience that at a certain point as most RPGs feature enough content to get to the point where they can become fairly confusing. The game does have an initial tutorial that’ll explain the mechanics and the basic premise of the game. Pay close attention to it so that you don’t encounter any issues in the future with anything. However, as you go through the game you’ll notice a few features that weren’t present on the tutorial given that it was one of the earliest stages of your journey and while that might feel a bit overwhelming don’t sweat it and just try different things. Don’t worry about trying new things as that’s one of the key things that make this game fun.


The combat mechanics found within the game might be simple but most of the time you’ll encounter a few challenges while fighting the bosses. Timing is something that’s much underrated and quite important within the game as you’ll have to deal with a lot of different cooldowns on your abilities and you can’t simply rely on the auto attacks from your character. You’ll have to practice the use of your character’s abilities while fighting the creeps as this will allow you to have a proper understanding of which abilities to use first and which ones you should save for later. So that when you get to the point of fighting a particular boss you don’t really experience any issues clearing it out. Most of the time the boss fights can be a tad difficult but once you got the hang of the mechanics and the overall cooldowns present within the game you won’t really have any issues when fighting them and it’ll be even enjoyable.

Sacred Legends Review

Deep Silver have already been quite successful on the past on different platforms with their Dead Island saga which gave them an excellent reputation and made them one of the most successful developing studios out there. It was a matter of time before they decided to start developing a few games for the mobile industry as it’s just as competitive as any other platform and it’s more portable while staying connected which is nice if you’re trying to build up a reputation.

This is probably the first RPG developed by Deep Silver and that’s probably the reason why it’s been experiencing so many issues since the initial release. However, they’ve tried to fix as many bugs and issues as possible and they’ve done a good job so far. The fact that the mobile community is so demanding and competitive doesn’t really help as there have been a lot of complaints on the game’s page on both platforms regarding the instability found on the latest updates.


The game has seen better times as the developers pushed a few updates a while ago that just made the whole experience a lot worse. Most players are complaining because of how unstable the game has become and that’s affecting the rating the game has been gotten. However the game itself has been developed by a very recognized studio that knows what to do in difficult times and I’d bet that they will get out of this one without losing anything.

Sacred Legends comes with a very good line of design and you won’t regret playing the game as it features enough original content to keep you interested for a while. The game also has a consistent storyline which is good on an RPG and that’s what makes it different from the regular hack n’ slash. The decisions you make throughout your playthrough will be game changer and most of them will have a direct impact on the upcoming events which is something really nice as it gives the game a tad of realism. The game also features a very simple gameplay but it still has enough content to feel a bit overwhelming for some people. The developers thought about it and developed a very explicit tutorial that’ll explain the basic premise and the mechanics present within the game.

The developers also paid close attention to the soundtrack and the sound effects kit. They’ve been spending a lot of time changing things up and trying different soundtracks so that the game feels a lot more immersive and that’s pretty much what they’ve achieved with these changes as the game feels a lot more immersive with a fairly good soundtrack than a soundtrack that doesn’t really fit the thematic. The sound effects found within the game fits every single visual effect and that’s something really good as it feels like the game has been developed by a very responsible developing studio that tried to cover every single rough edge that could’ve been found by the users. You won’t really have any issues with the soundtrack and the sound effects kit as they’ve been thoroughly balanced so that they don’t interfere with each other.


Overall, we’re facing a decent game of decent quality that’s been developed and produced by a very successful studio. The studio and the game have both seen better days but they’re still working to make everything better and they’ve been doing a good job so far despite the latest updates that haven’t been very positive.

Sacred Legends Ratings

Artwork: This game features a very good artwork and an excellent overall graphical aspect. You won’t have any complaints on this department as it feels very well-polished and that’s pretty much the only high quality feature within the game which helps a lot when it comes to providing an immersive experience as it’ll keep you interested into unraveling your character’s skills and seeing their visual effects. I give Sacred Legends a 9/10 rating for its artwork.

Music and Sound Effect: Sacred Legends feature a very good balance between the two as the developers knew that these two aspects have an extreme importance when it comes to providing anything remotely close to an immersive experience. However, the game still feels like a work in progress and you’ll probably notice that along the way as the game is still undergoing a lot of changes from the developers. I give Sacred Legends a 9/10 rating for its music and sound effects.

Story and Originality: The game features a consistent storyline and it also does feature a fairly good amount of original and interesting features that might keep most players interested into unraveling the entirety of the content featured within the game. However, there are a few things that still feel like a work in progress and the fact that the game is still undergoing several optimization and changes from the developers doesn’t really makes it a worthy experience at the moment. However, the game features a decent quality that won’t really let you down but it’s not the most amazing game ever that you’ll run around recommending it to your friends. I give Sacred Legends an 8/10 rating for its story and originality.

General Gameplay: Gameplay-wise the game can be tricky sometimes even though the developers tried to keep everything simple I don’t really think that was in their control because of the amount of content available for you to unravel and discover. Most of the time you won’t really have any issues with the way the game is carried out but some other times you might need a few explanations regarding some particular items and that’s where the tutorials come in. The tutorial implementation makes the game have a very solid general gameplay which helps the overall reputation of itself. I give Sacred Legends a 10/10 rating for its general gameplay.

Addictiveness: Like any other RPG this game can be fairly addictive when given a chance if that’s your thing. It features a lot of decent quality content and it also features a fairly good storyline that might keep you interested for a while but nothing more than that. I give Sacred Legends a 9/10 rating for its addictiveness.

Overall, I give Sacred Legends a 9/10 rating.

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