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Rope Hero: Vice Town Hack, Tips, & Cheats for Dollars & Points

Rope Hero: Vice Town is categorized as an action game and brought to you by Mine Games Craft, released in 2016. Rope Hero: Vice Town is a game that draws elements from action games, and role playing games. Rope Hero: Vice Town is a 3D first person game in which you play as Rope Hero, the hero of the game and the person who you will explore the town with. Rope Hero is unlike any other hero you have ever encountered, he is oddly okay with throwing cars and chasing regular people for his own gain. Rope Hero: Vice Town features a wide range of weapons, vehicles, and quests for you to take part in.

Rope Hero: Vice Town is currently available for only the Android marketplace as of 2016. Rope Hero: Vice Town is currently only available for the Android marketplace. The developers are rather new to developing apps, so they have chosen to place their game on the Android marketplace first, and see if it is worth putting onto the iTunes marketplace. Since its release less than 3 months ago, Rope Hero: Vice Town has gotten a lot of attention, receiving more than 500,000 total installations so far in 2016. With over 8 thousand total ratings, Rope Hero: Vice Town has an average rating of 4 out of a possible 5 total stars for 2016. The developers have had a lot of support from the fans, even adding in a support email that players can send their feedback into and receive an answer from the developers themselves.

Rope Hero: Vice Town Hack for Dollars & Points 2016

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About Rope Hero: Vice Town

Rope Hero: Vice Town has a lot of different elements for the player to explore and tons of different locations for players to explore. Rope Hero: Vice Town does feature a great settings menu which allows players to adjust the quality of the game, the distance at which they can see, and even how dense the traffic is.


Rope Hero: Vice Town is a game that will allow players to explore a huge city with tons of different story lines for the player to follow. With tons of weapons and ways to get around, the Rope Hero’s favorite way of travel is his trusty hook. Hook around the city and feel the air blowing your hair back in this action packed 3D role playing game.

Rope Hero: Vice Town is a game that some people will like, and some will not. Rope Hero: Vice Town definitely has a unique concept because there is a lot for the player to do. You can explore the city and do a whole bunch of quests to get a better understanding of your character and his background. Rope Hero: Vice Town also has a lot of personality for a mobile game. The character that you play as, Rope Hero, is a character that some people will most likely dislike.

He is very emotional and has his quirks and out bursts. You can choose to be the villain or hero in this game and choose how you wish to play this game. You can choose to do the story line and learn about your character’s background, or you can choose to run around the city and break up gangs and fight people. No matter which way you choose to play, Rope Hero: Vice Town has something that will cater to you regardless of which way you wish to pursue your crime fighting (or enabling) life.

Rope Hero: Vice Town does feature in game advertisements. These advertisements are random and will take over the game and have a short video that you will have to watch. Often times, the game will pause in the background while the ad is playing, but I have found that once or twice this was not the case. This can be a bit frustrating because you can lose the mission that you are on or you can actually die while you are watching an ad.


Rope Hero: Vice Town does have something that resembles a tutorial, but it doesn’t really help you with any progress in the game itself. The “tutorial” that this game has is a very basic control run through. The game basically shows you what the two sticks on the screen do, and not much else. I would have liked to have seen this tutorial show you what the icons on the map mean and how to navigate the menu. Instead, there is basically nothing for the player to learn aside from the very obvious control that is presented in the beginning.

Rope Hero: Vice Town does has one in app purchase as of its release date. Currently, the main currency in the game is dollars. Dollars can be earned by completing quests or by killing citizens. Dollars can be used to purchase new vehicles, weapons, houses, or clothing. If you are familiar with Grand Theft Auto games, then you will know that this game has a similar monetary system.  The other way you progress in this game is by leveling up. As you level up, you can increase your overall stats and make your character better. The only in app purchase you can do is earn more points that you can spend to increase your overall level and stats. I do think there will be more added in the future, but this is obviously not a priority for the developers as of now.

Cheats & Tips for Rope Hero: Vice Town

My biggest tip for those playing Rope Hero: Vice Town is to get very used to the controls. If you wish to play this game smoothly, it is important to make sure you can walk around in a very smooth manner without having to stop and start every minute. I found that just barely moving the sticks on the left and right is the best way to go about moving because the sticks are very finicky and will often move your camera out of control if you move it too much.


The camera controls are not the greatest, so making sure you understand what is going on and using them controllably is important so you can enjoy your experience. Another reason it’s a good idea to make sure you understand the controls is so that you can play through the campaign a lot easier and have a much better time and saving yourself a lot of stress.

Another tip that I have to offer is playing through the campaign if you are enjoying the gameplay. The campaign actually tells a lot about the story of the game and if you are a fan of the game, you will absolutely love the campaign that Rope Hero: Vice Town has to offer. The campaign will let you know everything about your favorite super hero and his backstory and how he became the Rope Man. If you aren’t a fan of the campaign, you can always go rogue and enjoy wreaking havoc on the townspeople and destroying all of the gangs and vehicles that you see.

A third tip that I can offer for those playing the game is to enjoy the game along with some of your friends. This can be extremely silly and the gameplay is not the greatest, so the best way to enjoy this game might be to laugh about it with some of your friends. If you do not have a group of friends to play the game with, perhaps playing the game and recording your reaction to it might be a viable option. This game definitely has potential to have lots of hilarious situations. The controls might not be the greatest, and the game might not be the best on the marketplace, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good time with your friends and enjoy the whacky antics that this game has.


My final tip for those playing through Rope Hero: Vice Town is to spec your character into however you feel is the best way to play. The game allows you to allot points into certain statistics based on how you would wish to play the game. You can dump your points into health, or damage, or a variety of other stats. You can choose to allocate your stats however you please and that is one of the fun parts about this game. I think you should make sure you are playing the game the way that you wish to play through it, because that is how you will have the most enjoyable experience. As you continue to level up, you will see that the stats you put will actually make a big difference in the way that you play the game. That is, if you manage to get that far into the game.

Rope Hero: Vice Town Review

Overall, I give Rope Hero: Vice Town a 5/10. I think this game has some good solid concepts, but really fails to produce a game that will have people coming back to play it. The gameplay in Rope Hero: Vice Town is not very good. The controls are very finicky and you will definitely find yourself having a hard time controlling where your guy is going. On top of having not so great controls, the graphics in Rope Hero: Vice Town are also nothing that great.


The game doesn’t have anything that it performs really well in. All of the areas of the game have some aspect that could be improved. Another thing that bothers me about Rope Hero: Vice Town is that it is basically a Grand Theft Auto clone adopted to the mobile marketplace. I definitely think that this game would have a lot of work needed in order to have this game be one that people will want to play.

The first thing I noticed when starting up Rope Hero: Vice Town was the really long download time. Even with decent download speeds, this game took a lot longer than it should have. The game said that it was downloading “additional files” needed which seemed like a bit of nonsense. After checking the download logs, I saw that it was a bunch of things to track my location and data useage. It seems as though this game was just collecting data that was not necessary for the game.

The next thing I noticed when I actually got into the game was the graphics. The graphics that this game has are very old school and not something I would appreciate seeing in a modern game. The graphics were almost 2 dimensional despite this game being advertised as a 3D game. Not only does the graphics look really cheap, it is that the graphics seem like a huge rip off of off the GTA games.

The gameplay was another aspect that I found to be very lacking and a disappointing element. The gameplay was not very great and it was not very diverse. If you can manage to maneuver yourself to the quest using the very poorly optimized controls, you’ll see that you’ll have to run to the other side of the map which is nearly impossible unless you wish to take close to an hour.

The way that the camera is controlled is a very poor way to have a game’s controls work. The camera is very sensitive and moves very quickly and there is no way to change this. Not only that, but aiming which direction you are looking is very hard because most of the time it will end up with your character punching the wall and not getting much done.


The last thing I care to commend on are the ads that appear while you are actually playing the game. The developers have it set so that ads will actually pop up while you are in the middle of the game. Sometimes, I found that the game was paused in the background while the ad was playing, but another time I saw that the game was not paused. This would be a huge issue if the game was dependent upon the gameplay. Having people die while they are watching an ad would be a really frustrating issue that would be unacceptable for a huge game on the app store.

Rope Hero: Vice Town Ratings

Artwork: I give the artwork in Rope Hero: Vice Town a 4/10. I think the artwork was very poorly created and is a very cheap rip off of the Grand Theft Auto Games. Not only does the art seem like a rip off, but the art is just very quickly created and has a lot of bugs. The game claims to be a 3D game, but it really looks like a 2D game with a few 3D elements. The buildings actually clip and you can see some of the black pixels from the inside of the building if you are standing at the right angle. You will often see a lot of the same characters in the game because the developers did not add a wide range of characters, but just a lot that repeat.

Music and Sound Effects: I give the music and sound effects a 5/10. I think that the music is very poorly chosen for this game. The music does not at all fit what the game is going for or add to the environment of the game. I definitely think that people will choose to either mute their phones or choose to mute the in game music and replace it with their own music. I think a better sound track would have been something more intense to get the feeling that people are in danger or something to soothe the player while they are trying to run from one end of the map to the other. I think the same things about the sound effects, they do not fit in where they were placed and I think that they are too repetitive.

Story and Originality: I give the story and originality of Rope Hero: Vice Town a 6/10. Surprisingly, this game does have somewhat of a story element to it. Granted, that story might not be good or worth playing through the awful controls, but it did try to have a story. I would give this game a 0 for originality though because it basically tried to just rip off of the GTA games and not be a game on its own.

General Gameplay and Addictiveness: I give the general gameplay and addictiveness of Rope Hero: Vice Town a 4/10. The gameplay was nothing to sing about because the controls are so awful so the gameplay is unbearable. The game is definitely not addicting at all, and I think that is because of the controls being so unplayable. The game is almost impossible to handle and that is just the fault of the developers for introducing such poorly optimized controls into this game.

Overall, I think that Rope Hero: Vice Town is a game that most people will end up uninstalling 5 minutes into the game, or actually stop the installation before it even finishes. The gameplay is absolutely nonsense and the game will have you spinning around in circles trying to figure out how to work the camera. I don’t think there are many good things to say about Rope Hero: Vice Town, but I do recommend trying it out to see how bad it is for yourself, or to get a few laughs with some of your friends. This game is categorized as a 3D action packed game, but I got none of that from playing it. Good luck, and play with your own caution!

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