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Resort Tycoon Cheats, Hack & Tips for Gold Coins & Gems

Imagine running your very own hotel or resort; you have to make sure that your customers have keys to their rooms, bring their luggage up for them, provide room service and other services, and make sure that you customers stay happy. If this sounds like something that you would be interested in doing, then Resort Tycoon might just be the game for you! Take your trolley, help your customers, provide services, clean their rooms when they leave, and earn a lot of money for 2016!

Game developer AppOn has developed and released the game on Google Play Store, and with over one hundred thousand downloads with a rating of 4.3 out of 5, you could say that the game is already popular, even if it has only been released quite recently in 2016. You can download and play the game for free, and you are not required to have access to an internet connection.

After you have successfully downloaded and installed Resort Tycoon, you will be prompted to log in with your Play account. By doing so, you will be able to sync your game progress over all of your Android devices, which means that you can continue playing where you left off. By not logging in with your Play account, you run the risk of losing all of your progress without warning.

Resort Tycoon Hack for Gold Coins & Gems 2016

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About Resort Tycoon

After you have decided how you want to play Resort Tycoon, you can start your career as a hotel or resort manager. At the beginning of the gameplay, there is a tutorial in which you will learn how to properly play the game. Resort Tycoon is all about being quick with your fingers, tapping on the items that your customers require of you, and bringing it to their rooms. During the tutorial, you will also learn that you can purchase upgrades for your resort, such as different kinds of stands. At the beginning, you will first purchase a newspaper and hamburger stand.


By upgrading your resort, you will be able to provide more services to your customers, raising the total amount of profits that you make per day. Resort Tycoon consists of days, and during those days, you will have an estimate amount of customers. Once a day starts, you will first have to place the customers in their rooms, and wait for them to ask you for something. Most likely, they will first ask you to bring up their luggage to their rooms. This means that you will have to tap on their luggage, go to the elevator and tap on their room to deliver their luggage.

After waiting for a short amount of time, they will either ask you for something to eat or read, which you can provide by tapping on the item that they want in the lobby of the resort, and tapping back on their room. After the customers are done staying at their room, they will ask you to pick up the check, which means that they are about to leave your resort.

After you have picked up the check, you also need to clean out their rooms and bring away the trash. This also means that you will have a free room in your resort, allowing you to accept more customers.

There are a couple of things that you need to pay attention to before and during your shift. If you have a soda machine and hamburger stand in your hotel, you will need to make sure that you have enough supplies for the day. Before a day starts, a delivery truck will show up, asking you if you want to purchase more supplies. The best thing you can do before the day starts is to stock up on all items that you can, even if it means that you will need to pay a lot of money.

After you started the day and your shift, you will need to pay attention to two things. At the top right of your screen, you will see the amount of customers that you currently have, and the max amount of customers that you have room for in your resort. If you see that your customers need to wait for a room to free up, it means that it is time to unlock more rooms in your resort.

On the top left of your screen, you will see a happiness meter, which tells you if your customers are happy with your services or not. In order to keep your customers happy, you will need to be as quick as you possibly can, and bring everything to them within a limited amount of time. Once a customer leaves your hotel, you will see how happy he was. The happiness ranges from zero to one hundred, with one hundred being the perfect score. The higher the happiness meter is, the more money you will earn once your customers start leaving your resort.

Next to earning in-game currencies by providing services to your customers, you will also earn experience points. Once you have earned a certain amount of experience points, you will level up your game account, and that unlocks new items for your hotel. At the beginning, you only have a newsstand; however, once you start leveling up, you will unlock more items such as the hamburger stand and soda machine, and decorations such as fountains and exotic plants.

If you want to unlock more hotel rooms, purchase and place items in your lobby, or raise the prices and profits of each of your items, you will get the opportunity before you start a day. At the bottom-right corner of your screen, you will see a shop icon, profit icon and a play button.

By tapping on the shop icon, you can place more shops and decorations in your lobby, which means that you can earn more money. By tapping on the profit icon, you can raise the price for each of your items, such as soft drinks and sandwiches. You will have to be careful to not raise the prices for your items too much, because it will affect the demand for those items by a lot.

Resort Tycoon In-game store

As you might have already noticed during your gameplay, there are two different currencies in Resort Tycoon; gold coins and premium gems. Just like many other free-to-play mobile games, gold coins is the basic currency, while the gems are the premium currency of the game.

You can use easily earn gold coins by quickly providing services to the visitors of your resort. In order to get your hands on premium gems, you will either have to earn complete difficult tasks during your gameplay and receive them as rewards, or you will have to purchase them with money.


There is an in-game store in Resort Tycoon, in which you can use both your currencies to purchase and place different kinds of shops and decorations in your resort’s lobby. Those shops and decorations will allow you to provide services to your customers, thus allowing you to earn more money. The more expensive the shop or decoration is, the more money it will generate.

If you are out of premium gems, and you do not want to play the game to earn them for free, you can also purchase them with real money. The price for premium gems packages starts at $0,99 and goes up till $9,99, depending on the amount of premium gems you are purchasing. You can also obtain free gems by watching ad videos or completing offers through Tapjoy.

Cheats & Tips for Resort Tycoon

I have reviewed hundreds of mobile games over the past couple of years, and I can tell you that you can easily find fake cheat tools for the games have an in-game store and currencies. All of those websites have one fake cheat tools have one thing in common: they do not work! Such websites should definitely be seen as malicious, trying to fool you into believing that you will be able to cheat in your favorite mobile games; however, there is no change in that happening.


You might ask yourself why there are so many of those cheat tool websites for mobile games, if those tools do not even work. To get an answer to this question, you will first have to take a look at some of those websites. You will immediately notice that they look very generic, littered with all kinds of malicious advertisements, fake testimonials and even safety logos.

After you have searched and found the real download link, you will be taken to a shady website, on which you will need to complete a survey, in order to start downloading the so called cheat tool.  

Every time someone completes a survey on one of those shady download websites, it generates a small amount of money for the scam artists, somewhere between ten and thirty cents. The real money starts flowing in when hundreds or thousands of people start completing surveys.

You should definitely not waste your time with such websites and surveys, because the files that you will download will have nothing to do with actual cheat programs. If you are interested, there are several tips and tricks that you can use in Resort Tycoon to your own advantage.

Resort Tycoon Gameplay Tips and Tricks

During your gameplay in Resort Tycoon, it is quite important that you are able to focus, simply because you need to be quick with your actions. The faster you complete the tasks in the game, the more profit you will make during your gameplay. You can then use that money to purchase more items, shops and decorations for your resort, allowing you to earn even more money.


During your gameplay in Resort Tycoon, you will notice that the developers have implemented a lot of annoying and obstructive advertisements into the game. The developers do give you an option to remove those advertisements; however, you will have to pay $0,99 to do so. Luckily, I know of a little trick that you can use to remove all advertisements in the game for free!

The trick you are about to use is called the Airplane Mode trick. For those who are not familiar with the Airplane Mode feature, it basically allows you to instantly disconnect your device from the internet, without you having to manually deactivate your Wi-Fi and mobile data plan.

Activating the Airplane Mode feature on your mobile device will result in Resort Tycoon not being able to display advertisements during your gameplay. The reason behind this is that the all the advertisements are stored on a server, and they cannot be pushed without your mobile device being connected to the internet. You do need to keep in mind that you have to shut off Airplane Mode once you are done playing Resort Tycoon.

Resort Tycoon Review

After reading the game description and checking out the screenshots on Google Play Store, I already had a vague idea what the gameplay in Resort Tycoon would be like. I have played hundreds of mobile games over the years, and unfortunately, I have also played games that were very similar to Resort Tycoon. Before I start with the negatives of the game, I want to first mention that I did enjoy playing Resort Tycoon, simply because it is a great time killer.


A very positive aspect about Resort Tycoon is that there are no playtime limitation systems in the game, which means that you can play the game whenever you want, and for however long you want. I really like it when I can just start a game and spend as long as I want playing it. Many developers of mobile games implement playtime limitation systems into their games, just so that they can force their players to spend money on in-game lives, energy bars etc.

Unfortunately, there are also several negative aspects about Resort Tycoon. For starters, I really dislike the fact that the developers have implemented so many annoying and obstructive ads into the game. The advertisements in Resort Tycoon come in the form of banners and pop-ups, which seem to show up at times when you are about to tap on your screen. This makes it feel like the developers want to trick you into accidently tapping on the advertisements, just so that they can earn some money through ad-revenue.

The worst part about the advertisements in Resort Tycoon is that, if you accidently do tap on one of them, your game will minimalize itself and your browser will start up, redirecting you to the website of the advertisers. This really makes Resort Tycoon feel like a cheap cash grab, which is very unfortunate.


Another negative aspect about Resort Tycoon is that there is not much originality about the gameplay, and on top of that, the gameplay is quite repetitive. I have played and reviewed several mobile games that have very similar gameplay to Resort Tycoon, and those games were released a year or two ago.

This means that the developers of Resort Tycoon have taken their game concepts and mechanics from other popular mobile games, which is a shame. I have nothing against developers copying ideas from each other, as long as they add their own creative ideas into the mix. Unfortunately, this is not the case with Resort Tycoon.

Resort Tycoon Ratings

Artwork: I give Resort Tycoon a 7/10 for its artwork. The graphics and animations in Resort Tycoon are quite decent, especially for a free-to-play mobile game. I really like all of the different shops and decorations that you can place in your lobby. I also like the different kinds of animations and special effects that you get to see during your gameplay.

Music & SFX: I give Resort Tycoon a 7/10 for its music and SFX. There are several soundtracks and sound effects in Resort Tycoon, all of which are of decent quality as well. The most important aspect about the soundtracks and sound effects in Resort Tycoon is that they fit well together with the graphics and animations of the game, making the gameplay balanced.

Story & Originality: I give Resort Tycoon a 6/10 for its story and originality. Unfortunately, there is not much originality in Resort Tycoon, which is a shame. I would have liked to see the game developers to implement different kinds of features into the game. Luckily, there is a short story behind the game, which does make the gameplay a bit more entertaining to play.

General Gameplay: I give Resort Tycoon a 7/10 for general gameplay. The gameplay in Resort Tycoon starts with a small tutorial, in which you will learn how to properly play the game. Once the tutorial is finished, you will have a grasp of the basics of the game, which is important.

The gameplay does become a bit repetitive over time, but you shouldn’t see Resort Tycoon as more than a time killer game, because that is exactly what it is anyways. The controls are smooth and responsive and the user interface fits the overall theme of the game quite nicely.

Addictiveness: I give Resort Tycoon a 7/10 for addictiveness. If you enjoy playing arcade games, Resort Tycoon might be quite addictive for you. I did enjoy playing Resort Tycoon, even though I have seen the game concept several times before. If the developers would reduce the amount of advertisements in the game, I could see Resort Tycoon being way more addictive.

All things considered, I give Resort Tycoon a 7/10.

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