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Pokemon GO Tips: How to Gain Experience, Level Up & Join Teams

With each level, you receive a lot of different rewards, usually you get 10-20 Poké Balls along with some potions or other items. It is important to keep your levels up because the higher level that you are, the higher leveled Pokémon you will find out in the wild. There are a few ways to gain experience in Pokémon Go. The main way that the majority of players level up is by capturing Pokémon.


Each new Pokémon that you catch will give you 600 experience. Catching a duplicate of a Pokémon will grant you 100 experience. This is easily the most efficient way to earn experience and it promotes players to go out into the wild and search for new Pokémon!

The next way to gain experience is to hatch the eggs that you receive at the Pokéstops. Hatching an egg will reward you with 200 experience, plus the 600 experience if it is a Pokémon that you have not caught previously. This is a great way to level up because on your walks you will ultimately catch even more Pokémon and level up even faster!

Another way to gain experience is to evolve your Pokémon. Each time you evolve a Pokémon you receive 500 experience, if it evolves into something you have not previously caught, you get the bonus 600 experience, for a total of 1100. I definitely suggest waiting on evolving your Pokémon because you will want to evolve higher leveled Pokémon so that they will be able to fight for you in gyms.

Pokémon 4

The last way to gain a decent amount of experience is to fight in gym battles. Fighting in a gym and defeating one of the enemy Pokémon will grant you 200 experience regardless of whether you win or lose. Obviously, this is a great way to level up your character, but it will come at the cost of a lot of your items. This is an efficient way of leveling up, but I only recommended fighting in gyms when you have Pokémon that are level 1,000 or more.

What Are These Teams I’ve Been Hearing About?

As you level up, you will unlock new items and features. Currently, there are three different teams that you can join: Team Mystic, Team Valor, and Team Instinct. In order to join an alliance you must reach level 5. Once you are level 5, go to your nearest gym and click on it. You will be prompted to choose which team you would like to join. Make sure that you are certain with your decision because as of now, you cannot change your affiliation once you pick one.

Pokémon 7

The team dynamic in this game is a way of allowing people to group up. Teams can take over gyms, and the gym will tell you which alliance owns that gym by pulsating the color of the team. Instinct gyms will always be yellow, Mythic will always be blue, and so on. If you want to play with your friends, it is important to either let them know what team you have joined, or figure out which team they joined, so you can work with them to conquer all of the gyms in your area. All of the teams are currently about equal, but some are more favorable in some areas.

If you would like to go against your friends, make sure to join a different gym, so you can take turn battling it out to see who will control the local gyms. If you and a friend both want to take down a gym, you can actually both battle a gym at the same time and it will lower its rating so you can take it over. Battling in gyms is not something you should worry about until you have equal leveled Pokémon to the ones in the gym that you are trying to take over.

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