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Monster Super League Tips & Cheats for Gold, Gems, & Energy

4:33 is a peculiar name for a company but that’s the company behind the production and development of Monster Super League, released in 2016. This company has taken quite an interest towards the Asian animation as you’ll be able to tell from the thumbnails of their games as most of their games actually feature some kind of anime-like artwork. This anime-like artwork is present throughout the entirety of Monster Super League and it’s very noticeable as you’ll be able to see it on each of the loading screens, menus, characters and pretty much everything. But that’s not it as the game actually has a whole lot of interesting features even though the way the game is carried out is fairly common nowadays.

This is a third person RPG that’ll take you through your efforts catching different Astromons on each of the continents featured within the game for 2016. To do so, you’ll have to take part in epic fights where the odds will be against you most of the time and the risk of losing is an important factor but that just makes the game even better as you’ll have to really concentrate and get the best out of you in order to win each of the battles featured. There’s enough original content to keep you busy for quite a while and I assure you that this game won’t let you down.

This game is experiencing a whole lot of success on the Google Play Store as it has around 4.6 stars with over 42,000 total reviews which are unbelievably mostly positive in 2016. This game is experiencing even greater success on the iTunes App Store as it has 5 rating stars with over 4,000 total reviews which are also mostly positive. The amount of positive reviews and the amount of stars this game is experiencing on both platforms states how accepted and embraced this game is by the community and that means a lot to the developers as they’ve already stated in the past.

About Monster Super League

Monster Super League features a simple yet complicated gameplay style where you’ll have to be focused to actually understand what’s going on. The game has a proper implementation of very explicit tutorials so that you don’t get that confused because as any other RPG this game features quite a lot of content that might strike most people as overwhelming or even confusing. Not to worry as those tutorials will do an excellent job at solving those issues. The artwork featured within the game is excellent and looks amazing because of how polished it really is and the interest towards the Asian design is heavily evidenced on this game as you’ll be able to notice right off the bat.


The game is very good at one thing and that’s providing a stable yet immersive experience that’ll allow the user to have a really fun time without having to spend that much time playing the game as it remains as a casual game. But what really will keep players coming back is the amount of content to discover and the number of astromons out there as each of these astromons is quite unique and one of its kind which adds a very well-known long term playability aspect to this game which just makes everything better.

Monster Super League is currently available for both of the most popular platforms and it’s been experiencing an extreme amount of success on both of them which is quite uncommon for this sort of game. Most players say great things regarding the amount of high quality content featured within the game and its long term playability but what these players talk about the most is the amount of events they experience over the time as the game administrators are quite involved with the community which makes the whole experience a lot better as it gives you a feel of inclusion.

The developers behind this game have done wonders with the development itself as you don’t really need the latest hardware or software in order to squeeze the best performance out of this game as the settings are self-adaptive and they will configure themselves to the point where you’ll get the best performance possible out of your device which is something quite good as it doesn’t really matter how old your device is as long as it meets the minimum requirements.

The developers behind this game have built a strong bond with the community as they try to stay up to date with what’s going on and those who are also game administrators try to make players participate more on the game by running different types of game events which keeps the community alive and active for long periods of time. If you’re interested on playing this game on your android device don’t really worry about the minimum requirements as it’s more than likely that you’ve already met those but just so you know, you need android version 4.0.3. If you’re looking to play this on your iOS device don’t think about it too much as most iOS devices are compatible with the game as long as they’re running iOS version 7.0 or later.

Monster Super League turned out to be one of the best RPG experiences on the mobile industry at the moment and that’s something really worthy of being mentioned even though it resembles Pokemon in a very notorious way. However, this doesn’t really mean that the game isn’t original or anything as the game has enough content itself to easily stand out from the rest but there still some similarities between Monster Super League and Pokemon that are just undeniable.


Even so, the game features a very immersive gameplay style that’ll have you very interested as you go through different continents catching the entirety of the Astromons available within the game. Even though the development has already finished the developers are still fixing any issues that any user properly reports on the feedback section and they still push a few updates every once in awhile with some stability fixes.

Monster Super League in Game Store

Monster Super League does have an in game store featured at its core that allows you to get your hands on some goodies available in game. These goodies include premium currencies featured within the game such as gems and gold and you’ll also be able to buy energy packs that’ll allow you to progress way’s faster and skip the wait times present during your playthroughs. With the use of premium currencies you’re going to be able to buy different in game items such as maps, more gold and improve the skills on a particular Astromon. Each skill has a different cost and some may cost gems or gold exclusively so you might want to take it slow and keep it smart as you’re able to convert gems into gold but not gold into gems. Just saying that gems are way more valuable than gold and you’ll have to know that before screwing it up on the game.

Hack, Cheats & Tips for Monster Super League


Monster Super League is a very well-known third person RPG game that’ll take you on an adventure throughout different continents in the search for different Astromons. These Astromons are unique and one of a kind and each one of them is entirely different from the other which makes it even better and gives the whole game a nice long term playability. I’m saying this on the cheats and tips section because this also means that there’s a lot of content available for you to take advantage of or exploit which is why we are here. There are a lot of different techniques and tips to this game that might ease up your experience by an important measure but you should have in mind at all times that it’ll be much more rewarding to find out about these by yourself. Monster Super League is a game that resembles Pokemon by an important measure and that means that some of these tips are applicable on both games.


The basic premise of the game is to catch as many Astromons as you can and that’s what you should do if you want to progress as you should. But that’s not the most fun part of the game as the fun resides on the evolution part. If you want to have fun and actually feel like you’re doing something different you should try to evolve your Astromons from 0 stars to 6 stars which are the most powerful ones and that’s when you’ll know that you’re doing something right. This is easily done with the use of gems but you could totally try to do it by grinding although it’ll be much slower.

As you go through the game you’ll notice that there are several different continents and the fact that there are Astromons of a certain level on each one of them can give you an advantage when it comes to training some of those weak Astromons until they’re strong enough to take on another continent. However, do have in mind that the repetitiveness on doing so might be fairly boring for some. The game itself has enough content to keep you busy for a while but it can be repetitive at a certain point and to avoid that I’d recommend you to keep a stable progression rate.


If you want to improve a particular skill on an Astromon you can do that by using gems or gold. While you’re going to be able to improve some of these skills by the use of gems some other require gold and that’s where you’ll have to be smart because you’re able to convert these gems on gold but not the other way around so it’s always better to have gems in store and if needed, you can just convert it to gold and get it out of the way. Remember that if you’re running low on funds you can always buy some more off the in game store but with the use of real currency.

Monster Super League Review

4:33 made a fairly interesting game that’ll keep you interested for quite a while. Even though they have several similarities to Pokemon the game itself has enough original features to stand out from the rest of those games while keeping everything working smooth and that’s what it’s all about. The developers behind this game did an amazing job at it as you’ll be able to tell from the stability of the game because you won’t have any issues with the game and the device you’re running it on doesn’t really make any difference as the compatibility layer is just huge. The developers optimized this game to the point where you won’t experience any game crippling issues at any point and there’s still a lot of optimization and bug fixes going on at the moment as the developers haven’t given up on their community.


The fact that the developers try so hard to keep the community alive makes this game a really good one as that’s not as common as it should be. Those developers that are also game administrators try to run some in game events that make most players spend a lot of time playing the game and actually enjoying it more as they feel included. But that’s not all as the game also features a very good and interesting storyline and enough original content so that it’s not confused with any other game while still keeping things interesting.

The gameplay featured within the game is very simple and it won’t take you long to actually master it. But there are a few features that might seem confusing for some and might change things up a little bit. But for that, the developers implemented some very explicit tutorials that’ll allow you to properly progress through the game without any issues. However, there are still some features that were left out the tutorials for you to discover on your own.


The game can be fairly addictive and that’s probably because of how well-developed it is or because of the attention the developers actually paid to the sound aspect as this game has a very fitting soundtrack and a really good and responsive sound effects kit.

Monster Super League Ratings

Artwork: This game features a whole lot of high quality artwork that’s notoriously oriented towards the Asian designs as it feels anime-like. But it really fits the whole thematic to perfection and makes the game feel a lot more immersive as the character design is just spot on. I give Monster Super League a 10/10 rating for its artwork.

Music and Sound Effects: The music featured within the game feels very fitting towards the whole thematic and the sound effects kit is just excellent and responsive which helps a lot at providing a very good and immersive experience where you won’t have anything throwing you off the intended immersive experience the developers wanted the users to have. I give Monster Super League a 10/10 rating for its music and sound effects.

Story and Originality: While the game does have a storyline that’s not what keeps most players going through the game but the content itself. The game features enough original content to keep most players busy for quite a while but the variety within that content is what makes this game this interesting as each of the Astromons is entirely different from the other and that adds a lot of long term playability which is nice on a game such as this one. I give Monster Super League a 9/10 rating for its story and originality.

General Gameplay: The gameplay featured within the game itself is fairly simple but that doesn’t really mean that no one is going to have any issues ever because despite the simplicity featured at its core this game can still be fairly difficult for some and the amount of content might strike some people as confusing or overwhelming. The developers worked on that particular matter and implemented some very explicit tutorials that’ll take you on the right direction but there’s still some content that got intentionally left out for you to discover on your own as it would be pointless to explain everything on those tutorials. I give Monster Super League a 9/10 rating for its general gameplay.

Addictiveness: Monster Super League can be a highly addictive game as it provides a very immersive experience packed with a lot of original and varied content to keep you busy for quite a while. But what will really keep you coming back for more every chance you get would be the fact that there’s a lot of things to discover and that every continent featured within the game features a whole different set of Astromons for you to catch. I give Monster Super League a 10/10 rating for its addictiveness.

Overall, I give Monster Super League a 10/10 rating.

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