has one of the largest selections of iOS hack tools online in 2016.  iOS hacks can be used to unlock a variety of different currencies, items and features in various games.  When choosing from the large array of iOS hack tools available, it’s important to find a reputable source to download from.

All of our iOS hacks are tested and proven to be safe for use before we release them to the public.  This ensures that our users are not at risk of being banned or getting a virus from using one of our hack tools.  If you have any issues with any iOS hack tools found on this site, please report them to our support staff.

iOS Hacks for In-Game Currency & Items 2016

The rise of “freemium” iOS game apps has brought forth a need for many different types of hacks.  Many iOS games today are free to download but have a large amount of in-app purchases required to access certain items and areas.  The problem is that most players who download a free game are expecting it to be totally free and not have to pay anything.

In-app purchases can add up very quickly, especially if you play the game often.  Many players can’t afford to keep spending money on virtual currency so they look for ways to get the currency for free.  iOS hack tools can help by enabling players to add unlimited amounts of in-game currency for free.


When used properly hacks for iOS can unlock pretty much any aspect of any game, without having to spend any real money.  The same goes for special items in the game.  There are lots of iOS games that have special items and characters that can only be unlocked by spending money.  Some of these items are mainly just a status symbol, while others can give players a truly unfair advantage.  iOS hack tools help level the playing field among players who choose not to spend real money and those who do.

How Do iOS Hack Tools Work?

One question we receive quite often is how exactly do these hack tools for iOS work?  Each game is a bit different to hack but most of the tools work on the same general basis.  Most of our iOS hacks require the user to download the tool onto their device.  This is so the hack can create a unique entry point to the game severs.

Once the hack is installed onto your device, it connects directly to your account for that game.  Most of our hack tools come equipped with a Proxy and Anti-Ban protection as an added layer of security.  This basically makes it more difficult for the game admins to see where the hack is coming from.

The iOS hacks we offer have a simple interface that allows users to type in the amounts of currency they want added to their account.  It usually takes about 20-30 seconds for the hack to finish working, depending on the game.  You do not need a jailbreak to use our 2016 hack tools.  After the hack is complete you can exit out of the tool interface.  You can choose to keep the hack installed on your device or delete it after you are done, your resources in the game will remain either way.

Why Do I Need to Download the iOS Hack Tools?

Some websites online will claim that their hacks don’t require a download, but there are a few problems with these sites.  First, many of them are just a scam to generate money.  They’ll ask you to complete a survey or some other offer and then will not give you access to the actual hack.  Our hack tools do not require a jailbreak and are free to use.  The “no download” hacks that actually do work will usually get discovered and shut down or patched by the game developers.  If thousands of players are using a hack through the same entry point, it’s pretty easy for the admins to catch on.

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