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Hell Run: Scary Road Review, Tips & Cheats for No Ads & All Achievements Unlock

Are you looking for an endless runner game that skips all the fluff and provides a bigger challenge than the usual? If you’re not after cosmetics, unlocks and such and are more inclined to challenge yourself on an endless runner with a minor twist, then you may be interested in the game we will be covering today, Hell Run: Scary Road, released in 2016.

Hell Run: Scary Road is a 2D endless runner game developed by Savita Thakare for 2016. Hell Run: Scary Road provides a bleak horror atmosphere on which players control a child who must avoid various obstacles such as pitfalls and spikes with the unique twist of having the ability to turn intangible and invisible.

During the time Hell Run: Scary Road was being reviewed, Hell Run: Scary Road is currently available for both iOS devices via the Apple App Store and Android devices on the Google Play Store in 2016. As a small note however, there is a similarly named game for Android devices titled ‘Hell Run – Scary Road’ but features a different type of platforming gameplay and also a different developer, on which the two games should not be confused from each other. Hell Run: Scary Road is compatible on iOS devices that are running iOS versions 6.0 or above. iOS users who want to step into the dark realms of hell and run to its dangers can go ahead and grab Hell Run: Scary Road by downloading it directly via the Apple App Store. Hell Run: Scary Road has so far received a lukewarm reception with an average score rating of 2 and a half stars out of 5 stars from over 30 users.

About Hell Run: Scary Road

In Hell Run: Scary Road, players take on a role of a lone child in a bleak rendition of hell on which they must keep running to keep out of danger by avoiding pitfalls, spikes, crushers and other environmental hazards. As a runner game, Hell Run: Scary Road doesn’t require any input for the player character to move, as the game does it automatically on a horizontal 2D plane. The unique mechanic behind Hell Run: Scary Road is the ability to turn invisible and intangible against various environmental hazards, rather than the ability to jump or duck.

To perform this unique ability, the player has to either tap or hold the screen for the character to turn invisible. The ability can last for a maximum of 3 seconds with a cooldown of 2 seconds when the players opts in to hold down the screen, but can be immediately activated and deactivated with a miniscule cooldown time when the players opts in to simple tap once instead.


Hell Run: Scary Road only features a single mode, which is the main endless runner mode on which players can earn a high score by surviving as long as possible. The longer the player survives, the more difficult the game gets, with the game giving more frequent obstacles and gaps appearing during a playthrough. During gameplay, various pickups can be found as well which results in various effects such as faster movement, longer durations of the invisibility ability and extra points or multipliers. Hell Run: Scary Road also features an achievement system with various achievements that can be earned when reaching certain score milestones or successful avoidance of obstacles.

Hell Run: Scary Road In Game Store

Hell Run: Scary Road does not feature an in-game store nor any earnable unlocks and currencies other than achievements. The game however does feature mandatory image advertisements that appear on the bottom of the screen during gameplay, and mandatory video advertisements that play after a player reaches a game over condition. There is a single in-app purchase available with real life money where the player can pay $1.99 USD to remove all forms of ads during gameplay.

Cheats & Tips for Hell Run: Scary Road


Appropriately titled, Hell Run: Scary Road is definitely a scary game due to how hard as hell the game can get, particularly with its unique invisibility mechanic being a tricky thing to get used to in this endless runner. There’s no need to worry too much however, as we have a set of some handy tips that will make Hell Run: Scary Road’s road a little less scary and a little less hellish.

Whenever you see a gapless path up ahead, and don’t see any obstacles, it may be a good idea to perform a series of taps in succession just in case of any stray spikes or surprise crushers getting in the way. The tapping technique is usually a good and safe way to stay out of danger due to the really short cooldown when using it compared to the 2 second cool down when holding the ability. Just remember to prepare and keep your eyes on the edges of the right side so you can always get ready for a gap just in case you need to suddenly hold down rather than tap.

When you see a gap, go ahead and hold down the invisibility ability, even when you’re barely halfway near the gap. The reason for this is that the usual distance between a gap being visible on the edge of the screen and the ability’s duration is just enough for 3 seconds to get you through safely. This is also a good idea to avoid getting surprised by sudden spikes or crushers near the edge of the gap, giving you a significant advantage against both any oncoming obstacles and the gap.

Spikes and crushers usually take a quick tap, and 2 seconds if they’re close by together. Successive spikes and crushers next to each other will usually take the entirety of the 3 seconds your invisibility can do. Gaps take about 2 seconds when you’re near it physically, and 3 seconds when halfway near the edge of the gap. Take note of these durations and you will be able to usually determine how long do you need to hold your invisibility ability before releasing and reactivating it again.

Remember that pickups and power-ups can still be picked up even when you turn invisible, so don’t risk it when trying to grab one near an obstacle or environmental hazard, as your character will automatically pick up anything it passes through, even during invisibility mode.


Remember certain obstacles that appear during each significant milestone time you reach. Usually for example after 10 seconds, a succession of gaps and spikes will appear more frequently, until 30 seconds in gaps will disappear for a while and successive crushers and spikes will appear instead. This will give you a good way to mentally prepare whether you will have to rely on holding your invisibility ability more often or rapidly tap instead. Usually certain patterns of obstacles and such even appear to repeat, for example 60 seconds in it will be like the 30 second milestone with the addition of extra crushers and spikes, but still will be usually gapless. Take note of these time milestones often and you will have an easier time predicting everything before they even appear on the screen, as long as you keep your eyes on the clock.

Pickups and power-ups have a tendency to appear just right before a gap. Take a note of this as a precaution so you can also prepare yourself to hold the invisibility ability and jump across a gap. This way you can also take note that there won’t be any spikes or crushers in the way, as you can safely know that you will only be looking at a massive gap after getting past the pickup or power-up.

One trick you can do to speed up the cooldown time after holding the invisibility ability for 2-3 seconds is to rapidly tap the screen after the ability runs out. This will reset the counter much quicker, giving you an opportunity to immediately hold the invisibility ability again without waiting for the usual cooldown time to end.

Hell Run: Scary Road Review


Hell Run: Scary Road has been a flawed yet fun and interesting take on the endless runner genre that’s usually present in mobile games. It feels like it could have the potential to be something more, on which I’ll detail further here.

Taking a deep breath, let’s first talk about Hell Run: Scary Road’s visual presentation with the game’s graphics and artwork. Hell Run: Scary Road provides a dark and bleak atmosphere with its mostly monochrome artstyle with splotches of red to bring its hellish theme front and center. Details such as silhouettes of grass and trees appear on the foreground and background during gameplay, giving an extra depth and dimension throughout the game’s visuals.

It works pretty well for the most part, with the only thing that sticking out like a sore thumb is the visibly low resolution mountains on the background. It would had been better if the game stuck to its single color palette with the background as well better, but still nonetheless the game does an effective rendition of a hellish landscape without going over the top with the typical hellfire and brimstone commonly associated with hellish settings in games.


Rushing through and hearing the flow of the damp air, let’s talk about Hell Run: Scary Road’s audio presentation with the game’s music and sound effects. Hell Run: Scary Road’s strongest point in the audio department definitely has to be around the game’s music, featuring a moody ambient beat accompanied by dark synths. It works perfectly well and sets up the mood of the game quite nicely. There really aren’t any sound effects during gameplay, aside from the sound of activating and deactivating the invisibility ability which is a bit of a shame. Even then, the game provides a strong audio experience thanks to the game’s great soundtrack.

Anticipating a large gap, let’s talk about Hell Run: Scary Road’s general concept, story and originality. Hell Run: Scary Road doesn’t offer a whole lot regarding any lore or story behind its hellish world, and while it looks great as I mentioned earlier, the artstyle is also an obvious copycat of the more popular indie platformer LIMBO. Even then however, props to the game for making it work and look nice for the most part, and the mechanics of turning invisible rather than the usual jumping and ducking does give a unique take on the endless runner genre. It could be much more and definitely shows potential, but at the very least what’s here is quite interesting for a typical mobile endless runner game.

Holding our breaths and closing our eyes wishing the best, let’s talk about Hell Run: Scary Road’s fun factor and general gameplay. Hell Run: Scary Road plays and feels like a typical runner game with the exception of its unique invisibility mechanic. This actually creates a subtle yet significant layer in the gameplay due to not being able to see any animations or anticipation with the game’s physics when avoiding obstacles and other hazards, thus giving the game a much more challenging and unpredictable movement mechanic.

The mechanic itself as well feels very precise and smooth, with it immediately reacting to any presses or releases without any noticeable delays. The only thing holding the game back however is that it doesn’t offer a whole lot more other than the unique ability. The game could have offered more modes or unlockable stuff to keep the actual core gameplay from being repetitive, and it could had given a few surprises as well when surviving for long periods of time given its hellish setting.


Catching our breath again, only to anticipate more danger afterwards, let’s finally talk about Hell Run: Scary Road’s lasting appeal with the game’s replay value and addictiveness. As mentioned above, Hell Run: Scary Road is fun and interesting, but doesn’t offer a whole lot of things to keep the game interesting for long. While it is always fun to earn a high score and get bragging rights, it can only be interesting for so long especially after a few runs. It’s a good game to play once in a while if you’re feeling up for a challenge, but it really lacks some meat on the interesting yet barebones gameplay.

Hell Run: Scary Road Ratings

Artwork: Hell Run: Scary Road sports a dark and bleak monochrome aesthetic with a sinister splotch of red to wrap around a subtle but still terrifying rendition of hell. The smooth animations as well really benefits the game on giving it a more polished sheen during gameplay, and the silhouettes of objects on the foreground and background gives an interesting depth around its visuals. The only thing that sticks out from the overall nice looking presentation are the resolution of the background itself, which really contrasts the smooth monochrome artstyle of everything else in the game. For these reasons, I give Hell Run: Scary Road’s artwork an 8/10 rating.

Music and Sound Effects: Hell Run: Scary Road lacks any noticeable sound effects or sound bites during gameplay, but it makes up for it for its great musical soundtrack. Dark and brooding ambient music accompanied by intense drums and synths really compliments the bleak atmosphere wrapped around Hell Run: Scary Road. For these reasons, I give Hell Run: Scary Road’s music and sound effects an 8/10 rating.

Story and Originality: Hell Run: Scary Road’s visuals may look nice for the most part, it’s also an uncannily similar look to the earlier released and more popular platformer LIMBO. Despite the obvious take of where the artstyle came from however, judging Hell Run: Scary Road as a game on its own provides a somewhat interesting take on the usual gameplay mechanic found on an endless runner. For these reasons, I give Hell Run: Scary Road’s story and originality a 7/10 rating.

General Gameplay: Hell Run: Scary Road plays mostly like a standard endless runner but does sport an interesting twist with the use of its invisibility ability to overcome hazards and obstacles. Everything feels very smooth and responsive as well regarding this ability, with the execution being really easy and simple to do, but due to how it works it provides an interesting layer of challenge of predicting where your character is and when is the exact right moment to stop. Beyond the unique mechanics however, Hell Run: Scary Road suffers from a lack of other interesting things that can keep its core endless runner gameplay fresh. For these reasons, I give Hell Run: Scary Road’s general gameplay an 8/10 rating.

Addictiveness: Hell Run: Scary Road is fun, but it really doesn’t know how to keep things fresh due to a lack of surprises or sudden changes to make its core runner gameplay much more interesting beyond its unique mechanic as mentioned earlier. There are also a lack of other gameplay modes and modifiers to tweak around the game, resulting in a game that’s fun to play for a short while, but not compelling enough for the long haul. For these reasons, I give Hell Run: Scary Road’s addictiveness a 6/10 rating.

Good visuals and great music with a fairly interesting gameplay mechanic, Hell Run: Scary Road provides enough fun despite its flaws and shortcomings. For these reasons, I give Hell Run: Scary Road an overall 7/10 rating.

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