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Farmville 2 Gameplay & Currency

So in the game, you have two kinds of currency, the more inferior of the two being coins. Coins can be made through various menial tasks and spent on items that are not particularly special. Then there are the keys which are way more valuable, this currency cannot simply be earned by doing tasks on your farm, you can buy them using real money and you can also gain a few through completing goals and leveling up.


The keys can be really useful as they can pay for things that ordinary coins cannot, this, however, forces users to perceive the game as a classic pay to win game. This is something that really sucks about the game, seeing neighbors who have all of the very best stuff because they were dumb enough to blow crazy amounts of money on the game, it really is enough to hate that person and give in because you’re never going to have an awesome farm like that, even if you try crazy hard. This is actually one of the pretty big reasons why I don’t play either of the Farmville games anymore despite the big hype around them.

With every complete mission or goal, you will gain XP, or experience, which allow you level to raise once a certain amount of XP has been acquired. With each new level you pass, you’ll unlock more new features that were previously inaccessible to you.

Your avatar will also have a power bar which sjows exactly how much power you have left in order to complete any action you may wish to. Once your power bar has hit zero, your avatar will head home to rest for a while to recharge your energy bar. Playing the game more and leveling up will allow you to regain you power a lot faster. So if waiting around is a problem for you, getting to a higher level is a priority for you.

In the real world, when a farmer plants new crops, they will have to wait quite a bit of time before they will see the fruits of their labor. Whilst the wait times in the game are nowhere near to those of real life, there are still some pretty long wait times to harvest your crops. Once your crops have ripened, you only have a small window within which to harvest it; otherwise they will wither and die. Once you’ve obtained your newly harvested crops, you’re able to monetize them, just like in the real world, you’re learning economic skills.

All of the crops available for planting are on different schedules and can take different amounts of time to ripen; their worth also differs, with the longer timed crops being worth more than the shorter timed crops, both in terms of XP and the coins you will receive from selling. Keep in mind that whilst the longer timed crops give more XP and money, you will actually be better off concentrating on the short term crops and you’ll have a steady flow of money and XP without having to wait several hours, so it actually works out as you earning more despite receiving in such small increments.

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