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Download Android Apps from Other Countries – How To Guide

Even though it is seen by many to be the superior software, even Android has some apps that are restricted to certain areas. With this guide, it will take about 5 minutes of your time (depending on your internet speed) to download all the apps from all the other countries.

This has made getting apps from other countries easier than ever before. No need to make new accounts or go through the trouble of managing other accounts. Ironically, you download an App from the Android Market to download Apps from other Marketplaces.

Step 1: Launch the Google Play Store and search for and download Market Enabler.

Market Enabler is a simple App that will spoof your location and grant you access to any App Store, from any country in the world. It is 100% safe and will work on the first try.

Step 2: Once it is downloaded, tap on Market Enabler to launch it.

Step 3: Tap on “Save Current Settings”

All this does is it saves your current location settings and allows you quick and easy access to go back to your original settings before the App changed anything in case you are seeing any problems access your native App store. I recommend doing clicking that button just in case anything were to happen.

Market Enabler 1

Step 4: Tap on the Settings List tab.

This will open a list of international providers. Select the country that has the app that you are trying to download. You will see a whole list of countries sorted by their abbreviation, so if you aren’t sure of the country you’re looking for, make sure to google its abbreviation. Who would have thought Germany would be DE?

Step 5: Tap and hold on the Provider in which you are trying to get the app from.

Then a pop up screen will occur, be sure to select “Fake this provider now”. This will now give you access to that country’s Google Play Store. You can now go on the Google Play store as normal and download apps that were originally restricted in your app store. In order to stop faking a certain provider, you just simply go back to the App and either revert your settings or select your original provider.

Market Enabler 2

Like the Apple Store, this can be used for those who are outside of the United States to download any United States specific Apps. This can be anything from Netflix (yes, in certain places Netflix is blocked), to Spotify. I definitely recommend checking out Spotify and Pandora if you have never had access to it before. If you are outside of the United States, be sure to take advantage of all the apps that you have never before had access to.

I definitely recommend doing this. I have used this app several times to download apps that are restricted to certain countries outside of the United States. It works, and even better its quick and easy, anyone can do it.

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