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Disney Magical Dice Tips, Hack, & Cheats for Gold Coins, Diamonds, & Hearts

If you enjoy the Monopoly board game and Disney, you are in for a treat! Disney Magical Dice is a mobile board game that has the features and rules of Monopoly mixed together with all things that are Disney; characters and locations alike in 2016. Roll the dice and start your journey through the magical world of Disney, either by yourself or with your real-life friends. Create a character and invite your friends, choose your desired map and start having fun in this property board game.

Top game developer Netmarble Games has released Disney Magical Dice on April 27th, which is Disney’s very first mobile board game for 2016. Released on iOS App Store and Google Play Store, Disney Magical Dice already has over ten thousand downloads, which proves that people are interested in trying the game out. According to the 4.3 out of 5 rating on Google Play Store and the 4.5 out of 5 star rating on iOS App Store, Disney Magical Dice is also very liked by the players in 2016. If you are into board games and Disney in general, you should definitely give Disney Magical Dice a shot!

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About Disney Magical Dice

Just like any other game that constantly gets updated, Disney Magical Dice will also check for updates at the start. It is very likely that you will have to download additional files to update the current version of your game. Once the update is finished, you can tap on the screen to start the game. You will be greeted by Felix Fortune, who is the creator of the Magical Dice World. He will give you a costume to start your gameplay, allowing you to choose from Captain Hook, Woody, Rapunzel and Maleficent costume cards. The game starts once you have selected your costume.


The game board in Disney Magical Dice is a square board, and on all four sides of the board, you will find cards, or squares that you can purchase when you land on it. Disney Magical Dice is a property board game, just like Monopoly, so you are going to want to land on valuable squares and construct buildings on them. The gameplay will start when you press on the ROLL button to roll the dice. The chance of rolling the number you want increases depending on where you land on the Dice Meter. Hold down the roll button until the meter reaches the number you want.

If you roll a double, which means that the value on both of the dice you have rolled are equal, you get to roll again. Your character will automatically move when you have rolled the dices. You can buy and build on an empty square when your character lands on it. The board in Disney Magical Dice also has special events, such as when you arrive on a Fortune Card square. You will be able to draw a card, and if you are lucky, you get rewarded with something valuable. It is also possible that you draw a “move to START” card, or a “move to JAIL” card if you are unlucky!

Each time you pass the START point on the board, you will be awarded with a Lap Bonus, which consists of three hundred gold coins. You can also add buildings on a square of your choice if you land on the START point. In order to avoid other people from taking your squares, you are going to need to construct landmarks on them, even if you have buildings on it already. Once you have constructed all three types of buildings, the landmark option will be available to you.

You can see your total amount of gold coins at the bottom-right corner of your screen. You can use your gold coins to purchase squares and to construct buildings on the squares you own. If you take a look underneath your total amount of gold coins, you can find the value of all of your gold coins, squares and buildings combined. This is simply called the Total Assets bar. Managing your coins and total assets is the key to victory in Disney Magical Dice. You will lose the round if your total assets falls to zero, so you need to make sure that you always have some valuables.

Next to your total amount of gold coins and assets, you will find a red circle that shows you your current place compared to the other players. You want to make sure that you are in first place. If you ever have questions during your gameplay, you can tap on the question mark button that is located near the top-right corner of your screen. This will bring up the guide and information.

There are numerous ways to reach the goal of the game, which is to win the match. You win the round when your opponent’s total assets drops to zero. This is the reason why managing your gold coins and assets is really important in Disney Magical Dice. There are three other ways to win a match. The first one is by Color Completion, which basically means that you own all the squares of the same color. The service fees will double one you have a Color Completion. If you manage to get Color Completions on three areas, you will win by Triple Color Completion.

The second way to win a match in Disney Magical Dice is by Line Completion, which means that you will own all the squares on a single side of the board. The last way to win a match in Disney Magical Dice is by Magic Square Completion, which means that you will have to buy all of the Magic Squares on the board. Winning a match will reward you with a lot of in-game currencies.

If you want to invite your friends to Disney Magical Dice, you can do so by tapping on the invite icon on the right side of the main menu. That is also where you can compare ranks with your friends, as well as get rewards based on your in-game rank. You can also check out the ranks of all the random players around the world, and invite them to your friends list, if you want to.

Disney Magical Dice In-game store

We already know that there are gold coins in Disney Magical Dice, and they are very useful for your gameplay, especially because they allow you to purchase squares and construct buildings on top of those squares. Having a large amount of gold coins also increase your total assets, and that means that your opponents will have a much more difficult time beating you in a match.


The second currency in Disney Magical Dice is in the shape of diamonds, and is considered to be the premium currency of the game. You can only obtain diamonds by successfully beating your opponents in online matches. Diamonds are used for a number of things in Disney Magical Dice. You can draw new costume cards to change the look of your character, you can purchase more hearts to be able to play more online matches and you can exchange them for lots of gold coins.

This brings us to the hearts in Disney Magical Dice, which are there to limit the amount of time that you can play the game in one sitting. Every single time you get matched against someone, you will lose one of your hearts. If you manage to with that match, you will gain back your heart; however, if you lose the match, your heart will be gone. Losing all of your hearts means that you will have to wait for them to get regenerated, or you need to buy more with diamonds. If you’re low on diamonds, you can buy more for a price between $2.99 for 30 and $99.99 for 1300.

Cheats & Tips for Disney Magical Dice

You might ask yourself why it is possible for you to find so many websites that have cheats for Disney Magical Dice, and why all of those websites require you to do something before you can even have those cheats. The answer to that question is that those cheat websites are ran by all kinds of different scam groups, who would like nothing more than to earn money off of people like you and me. They are using something similar to a bait and switch tactic, because they make you believe that you will be able to cheat in Disney Magical Dice, but the truth is that you won’t.


The scam groups come up with all kinds of false claims, in order to trick you. They say that you will be able to have unlimited lives, gold coins and diamonds in Disney Magical Dice by using the cheats that they will provide, but you first have to complete a task for them. The tasks are in the form of questionnaires/surveys, or random offers. Once completed, your download will start for you, but it won’t contain any cheats. Instead, you will just download viruses and keyloggers onto your computer, which can be very damaging. You may lose your files and personal information.

Disney Magical Dice Gameplay Tips and Tricks

If you are stuck in Disney Magical Dice, or you are confused about the rules of the game, there is a very helpful guide feature implemented into the game. By tapping on the question mark icon, you will be able to read up on all of the rules, check out all the different squares and cards and go through the tutorial again. During your gameplay in Disney Magical Dice, the best thing you can do is to determine beforehand where you would like your character to land. You can’t really choose the number you will roll, but you can hold the roll button to increase your chances.  


Another thing you can do is to determine a strategy before you actually start buying up squares. You need to ask yourself what kind of completion you are aiming for. You should try to focus on one thing so you won’t waste all of your gold coins. You can also ruin your opponent’s plans by acquiring his or her square contracts. If you don’t want your opponent to do the same thing to you, make sure to build landmarks on your squares, whenever you get the chance to do so.

Disney Magical Dice Review

Most people in the world must have heard about Monopoly, the property board game, even if they are not into board games themselves. Before I read the game description, I already had a feeling that Disney Magical Dice would be very similar to Monopoly, especially after looking at the screenshots of the game. Personally, I don’t remember playing a mobile board game that worked as well as Disney Magical Dice. The game has amazing graphics, is pretty rich in features, allows you to connect and play against your friends or random opponents and is very enjoyable.


I am glad that a game like Disney Magical Dice doesn’t have any advertisements in it. This is very rare to see in free-to-play mobile games nowadays. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against developers that try to make a living by implementing advertisements into their games; however, when large game development studios start to push out new games on a monthly basis, which also happen to be littered with advertisements, it simply becomes an entirely different story.  

Another thing I am very glad about is that Disney Magical Dice has a nice match making system, which is quite important for an online-only game. Before I started writing my review about this game, I tried matching against three different opponents. With all of them, I had to wait about ten second before the game actually started. I had no issues with lag whatsoever, which is yet another important aspect in an online-only game. The only thing that you need to remember is that Disney Magical Dice needs access to a stable internet connection, or else it won’t function.

That being said, I did notice several people complain about having connection issues in Disney Magical Dice, and that they wouldn’t get matched up with someone, because the game thought that they were already in a game. These kind of bugs are normal for a game that has only been released a couple of days ago, and I am sure the developers will fix them as soon as possible.


What I find very unfortunate about Disney Magical Dice is that the game has a heart system in it, and as you all might know already, this seriously limits the amount of times you can play the game before having to take a break. A heart system is just another one of those schemes where the developers want to make the players spend money on the game, just so that they are able to continue playing the game. For me, such systems only make games feel like cheap cash grabs.

Disney Magical Dice Ratings

Artwork: I give Disney Magical Dice an 8/10 for its artwork. The developers of Disney Magical Dice have done a fantastic job when it comes to implementing all the Disney characters, items and locations into the game. I don’t really know if Disney helped with the development of the game, but regardless, I think all the artwork, animations and special effects look excellent.

Music & SFX: I give Disney Magical Dice an 8/10 for its music and SFX. The soundtracks and SFXs in Disney Magical Dice sound straight out of a Disney movie, which says a lot about the quality. I can tell by only listening to all the sounds in Disney Magical Dice that the developers have spent a lot of time on the game. The soundtracks and sound effects are very easy on the ears, allowing you to focus on your gameplay, while at the same time keeping things flowing and entertaining.

Story & Originality: I give Disney Magical Dice a 7/10 for its story and originality. I have stated a couple of times that Disney Magical Dice is a property board game, very similar to Monopoly. I already know that there are official Monopoly games available on the app markets, and because of that, I know that Disney Magical Dice is not very original when it comes to the features of the game. However, Disney Magical Dice is the first Disney board game, and it has a nice story in it.

General Gameplay: I give Disney Magical Dice a 7/10 for general gameplay. The gameplay in Disney Magical Dice starts with an extensive and very informational tutorial. During the tutorial, you will learn about the rules of the game, and how you can beat your opponents. Games that have many rules could be confusing for a lot of people, which is why I like the fact that there is a tutorial in it. Gameplay always remains challenging, simply because you play against real people.

Addictiveness: I give Disney Magical Dice a 6/10 for addictiveness. Board game and Monopoly enthusiasts might find Disney Magical Dice very addictive, and it actually could be; however, the fact that there is a heart system in the game significantly reduces the addictiveness. You need to allow people to choose for themselves how long they want to play a game, and not try to turn your game into a cheap cash grab by implementing playtime limitation systems into it.

All things considered, I give Disney Magical Dice a 7/10.

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