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Dead Arena: Strike Sniper Review, Cheats & Tips for Gold & Silver

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper is quite an interesting proposal from two companies that haven’t been around for long prior to 2016. The game’s basic premise lets you know how serious the developers behind its development really are and their intentions towards how the mobile multiplayer experience should really be. The game itself has been fairly successful at least on android and that’s more than likely because of the amount of high quality content featured or the fact that the multiplayer gameplay implemented within the game is just excellent. This isn’t as common as it should be but the developers behind this game made quite an obvious turn towards taking the multiplayer direction right off the bat and like I said, that’s not very common on the industry as most companies tend to focus on the solo gameplay aspect.

But that doesn’t mean that they made a mistake or anything, just the opposite case. The game has been praised because of its multiplayer experience and how complete and competitive it might feel at a certain point and the fact that the developers behind it are still adding new features makes the game even better. Dead Arena: Strike Sniper has been produced and developed by two different companies and those are G2 Studio and VTC Mobile, JSC for a release in 2016. Both companies are fairly new but they’ve done a remarkable job with this game as you won’t really notice any rough edges or experience crippling issues.

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper is experiencing a really desirable amount of success on android but it’s not being as successful on the iOS platform as you’ll be able to see from the game page on the iTunes App Store. This game hasn’t gotten enough feedback from the users for the iTunes App Store to be able to calculate some stats of its success. On the Google Play Store, on the other hand the game, is experiencing quite a lot of success and you’ll be able to notice that right off the feedback section of the game. This game is seeing a remarkable amount of success on the Google Play Store as it has around 4.2 stars and over 5,600 total reviews which are mostly positive and praising the multiplayer mode of the game in 2016.

About Dead Arena: Strike Sniper

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper features doesn’t really feature any storyline or anything of that sort as the singleplayer experience goes around a beat em’ up play style. But that isn’t a deal breaker as the game is obviously been developed having the multiplayer experience in mind instead. The game itself has enough original features to keep most users interested for quite a while and the multiplayer aspect implemented within the game won’t let you down as its got all the main aspects required for an immersive experience. The game does a very good job when it comes to providing a really stable experience that you won’t be able to quit easily as it features the progression required for long term playability.


The game offers several different and unique firearms alongside a skill system that’ll allow you to go through the game while improving your overall performance with better weapons and by raising particular stats of your character. The game also covered a particular aspect that just makes it even more successful and that’s the fact that it lets you practice on offline single player mode which is something very good as you can even kill time while practicing and improving your overall performance so that once you login you can start owning the servers.

This game has been heavily optimized for it to work properly on older devices and you’ll notice that from the beginning as it runs smooth like butter on any device you throw it into. To be able to play this game on your android device you’ll only need a device running android version 4.0.3 or later and if you’re looking to play this game on your iOS device you’ll only need an iOS device running iOS version 7.0 or later. The game has a very solid community backing it up which is always nice but the fact that the developers actually pay attention to what the community is saying makes the whole thing a much bigger success.

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper tries to keep it simple. You won’t have to mess around for long to actually figure out what you’re doing and what’s the meaning of each feature present in the game. But where you’ll be messing around for quite a while is the multiplayer mode of this game that’s actually very interesting and really well-developed and this is where you’ll be enjoying one of the most immersive experiences provided in the past few years as it has pretty much everything needed to make an online mode excellent. It feels competitive and rewarding at the same time which will keep most players interested and into the game for quite a while.

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper In Game Store


Dead Arena: Strike Sniper does feature an in game store and it also features a premium currency known as gold. The gold allows you to buy firearms and different items when you’ve ran out of silver. As you might already know the silver is the regular currency found within the game and you’ll earn a little of it by going through different matches on the multiplayer mode. But most of the time it just won’t be enough or you’ll have to grind for hours to be able to buy a few items or just one single firearm with silver and that’s just unacceptable. That’s when the gold comes in as you’re able to buy gold from the in game store with the use of real currency and you can buy as much as you want. While the system is quite clever making games spend a lot of money on the game, it makes the experience a tad pay to win and the non-paying player might experience a hard time while facing these paying-players.

Cheats & Tips for Dead Arena: Strike Sniper

This game just features enough content to easily stand out from the rest of the shooters on the mobile industry fairly easy. But that’s not what this game is all about, this game is all about its multiplayer mode and the things that you’re able to do within it. However, the fact that there’s a server check every single time a player logs in to a particular server just cripples any attempt to hack or mod the game’s application. Despite the server check you might still get away with a few tips and techniques that’ll always be available for you as long as you make the time and practice enough to actually master them.


Dead Arena: Strike Sniper is all about its gameplay mode and that means that you’ll be competing against other real players which are quite unpredictable and the whole point of what I’m saying is that you’ll need to practice a lot. Practice will improve your overall performance by making of the controls your second nature and it also boosts your overall reaction times which will help you to properly work against the unpredictable playing patterns of other people.

As you go through the game and you get used to it you’ll notice that it just gets easier over time despite the fact that you may have or may have not bought any special items or firearms. One thing that I’d recommend is to tackle on the single player mode every chance you get so that you can practice without it affecting your overall player’s stats and this way nobody will ever know how much you’ve practiced and you might hit most people as surprisingly good and brag about it.

The game benefits greatly from a focused player and the fact that you’re able to do so will be key for you to actually improve your performance. My advice to you would be to find a quiet place where nothing or no one bothers you while still being at safety. This will allow you to focus solely on the game and your overall performance will receive an immediate boost right off the beginning. Practicing in these quiet places will also improve your reaction times as you won’t have anything distracting you and you’ll be able to become one with your character.

The game features a skill system that just comes in handy when it comes to playing the multiplayer mode. Once you’re in, it’s more than likely that you’ll get destroyed by other players that have been around for quite a while and already have practiced and maxed out every single skill of their characters but don’t really worry about it as the developers implemented a very good and explicit tutorial alongside the skills system which will just raise your character’s stats to a point where it’ll improve its performance on a given scenario. These skills might have an impact on your accuracy or movement speed which are two of the most important aspects within this game.


Some players might also benefit from particular weapons and while you don’t have free access to all of them you can just buy the one that seems the most attractive to you at the beginning. Get used to that particular gun and that’ll make your overall experience a lot easier as you’ll know pretty much everything regarding the play style behind that particular gun. This means that you’ll have a lot of maneuvering space which is something really good when having to react as fast as possible.

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper Review

G2 Studio and VTC Mobile, JSC are companies that are fairly new but that doesn’t really mean for a second that they don’t have any serious developers as they’ve made impressive progress with their multiplayer mode and constant updates featured within this particular game of theirs. Dead Arena: Strike Sniper is everything you could’ve hoped for on a mobile online shooter that’s just not as common as it should really be. This game features all the content required for you to enjoy one of the most immersive experiences ever with a competitive multiplayer that’ll just keep you coming back for more every chance you get.


This game features an astounding amount of original artwork that you’ll be able to notice right off the beginning. From the loading screens to the firearms featured within the game everything will just look unique and it’ll help providing the most immersive experience ever. The gameplay featured within the game is fairly simple and won’t give you much trouble but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have to practice or that the game doesn’t require any skill at all.

While the amount of content is a factor that does really have an impact on your gameplay experience it’s just so well implemented that it won’t feel overwhelming and that’s something really good. The developers also implemented a very explicit tutorial that might help you with a few particular issues that might pop up as you go through it. The game does require a very stable skill system that’ll allow you to be rewarded for the time invested on the game and it’ll also help building up a much more solid overall experience.

The developers of these two companies seem to have thought about everything as you won’t find any issues that might cripple your experience while playing the game. The game has a very stable gameplay that won’t give you any issues and that’ll feel very well-developed and polished as it seems like the developers put a lot of work to the stability issues it was presenting at early stages of its release. The soundtrack and sound effects kit found within the game just fits the whole thematic to perfection and you won’t have any complaints regarding those two matters that actually help a lot when it comes to providing a stable and immersive experience as the sound is one of the most important aspects when it comes to that particular intention. The game doesn’t really have a storyline or anything for that matter but it does have enough content to stand out from the rest without any problems and that’s something that makes it even better.


Overall, we’re facing a very good game that provides a solid multiplayer experience with unique and competitive features that’ll just make the whole gameplay a lot better. It has enough content to easily stand out from the rest of the games available within the same genre and that’s the main reason of its success.

Dead Arena: Strike Sniper Ratings

Artwork: This game does feature an impressive amount of original artwork that’ll help a lot providing the intended feel the developers had in mind when developing the game. You won’t have any complaints on the visual department as it just looks amazing from the first loading screen to each of the visual effects from the firearms or skills. It’s been developed by a very mature and responsible team. I give Dead Arena: Strike Sniper a 10/10 rating for its artwork.

Music and Sound Effect: Dead Arena: Strike Sniper features a very good balance between these two aspects and you can take for granted the fact that they won’t interfere with each other. The developers paid a lot of attention towards the fact that these two aspects fitted the whole thematic to perfection and that’s what they achieved with what they decided. I give Dead Arena: Strike Sniper a 9/10 rating for its music and sound effects.

Story and Originality: This game doesn’t really feature a storyline or anything for that matter, but it does feature enough original content to easily stand out from the rest without having any issues at all. Every other game tries to copy a few aspects featured within the game but this game isn’t successful for its independent features but the game as a whole. I give Dead Arena: Strike Sniper a 9/10 rating for its story and originality.

General Gameplay: Dead Arena: Strike Sniper has enough content to go around for quite a while but that’s not the main feature of this game. The main feature of this game is its multiplayer mode and how well-developed and polished it feels. This game mode just feels like an old school multiplayer that has progression, variety and pretty much every aspect required to be approved as a good multiplayer experience. I give Dead Arena: Strike Sniper a 9/10 rating for its general gameplay.

Addictiveness: This game can be very addictive when given a chance and that’s something that’ll strike you as obvious when you start playing the multiplayer mode as the competitive feel it provides is just unique and it’s the feature that’ll keep most users coming back for more every once in a while. I give Dead Arena: Strike Sniper a 9/10 rating for its addictiveness.

Overall, I give Dead Arena: Strike Sniper a 9/10 rating.

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