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DDTank Marriage System & Leagues

DDTank has a proper proposals and marriage system. The system cuts out the crap of dating, liking, loving and spending time with each other. It takes you straight to the point where the downfall of a man’s life begins: The marriage. If you like someone of the opposite sex, you can send them a marriage proposal which if accepted, will allow you to marry that person by sending them a gold ring and a cute letter. If not, you will be offered medals as condolence which you can keep, sell or trade for special weapons.

I am almost certain that married people (who are most likely not the targeted audience of this game) will never fall for this trap as they have suffered in real life too much to fall for it even in a game! Only teens with raging hormones and uncontrolled emotions are going to fall for it.

On a side note, this system provides overly attached girlfriends and wives a perfect tool to keep an eye on every move of their SO.


Procedure of marriage is simple. After your proposal is accepted, your SO will be sent a marriage ring. You will invite people, hold the ceremony in a marriage chapel, become husband and wife, take care of your SO. Okay, it’s not that simple.

Why should you get married you ask? There is a small boost of experience points when both husband and wife defeat enemies together. Also, it is fun to have a virtual wife. In fact, you can have two if you want to. Also, the divorce system is efficient and easy. If you are sick of your virtual other half, just press the divorce button and you are done with them.

If, after that, you sort your matters; you can marry again and repeat the process as many times as you want. There are no strings attached. Moreover, you do not need to worry about your 50% earnings loss, supporting your virtual children or any other hassle for that matter.

DDTank Leagues

Leagues are another important feature of DDTank. League is like a club which has its own members, buildings and levels. Any person above level 5 can create his own league by paying the amount of 50,000 gold. He will become manager of the league and control affairs of the league. Any player can join a league with its manager’s permission or by an invitation from league members. Selecting a league is an important thing because every league has its own buildings to provide you with weapons, items to increase your health and damage and league quests.

Also, a player can join only one league at a time and all of the progress is dismissed once the league is abandoned. So you might want to take some time and think whether or not joining a specific league will be beneficial in the long run. The good news is, although your progress will be erased if you had to leave a league for some reason, your hard earned league items will be sent to you via game mail.

League Shop

League shop is where you are going to buy equipment for the battle such as necklaces which increase the maximum health up to 50% and Glory Pockets containing E grade weapons. For the shop to sell a better class of weapons, it must be upgraded. For a class to be upgraded, it demands the league to be upgraded to certain levels and some amount of public money. The money needed for upgrade of class is independent from the league level meaning you will need fixed amount of money to upgrade the league shop from a certain level no matter what the level of your league is.

League Armory

You can synthesize and strengthen different weapons in the armory. Leveling up the armory increases the success rate of these synthesis and fortification processes. The success rate can be boosted from 10% to 100% based on the level of the armory. Before you upgrade the armory, your league must be upgraded to certain levels. Also, money is needed to level up the armory.


League Fights

League fights are a way to maintain dominance on the world by fighting alongside your league members. To start a league fight, you can go to the building of game hall, and choose league fight. Another member from your league will join you. After that, your opponents will be chosen randomly. League fights are a good way to accumulate league wealth. They are also more beneficial to the player as compared to the individual fights.

League Safe Box

Every league also has a safe box where players can store their items. The limit on the number of items each player can have in his safe box depends on the level of safe box. It can be from 10 to 100. Upgradation of the safe box is done using the public money of the league and sometimes requires the league to be on a certain level.

League Tasks and Quests

One more reason to join the league wisely is due to the tasks and quests the league offers. Every member of the league gets a daily quest every 24 hours and a task only once. Completing these tasks gives huge benefits not only to the players but the league also.


Sometimes, the league administrator sets the condition of certain amount of league contribution to access some of the buildings. If your contribution to the league is less than the limit, you won’t be able to use that building. You can enhance your contribution to the league by:

  • Donating money to the league
  • Completing daily quests
  • Teaming up with the league members and winning battles against other leagues

The purpose of setting contribution limit is to increase the public money of the league. Public money is needed to upgrade the league itself, the armory, shop and safe box. Players should keep in mind that changing the league resets your contribution meaning you will have to start the contribution from scratch in the new league. This leads me to repeat “CHOOSE A LEAGUE WISELY AND THEN STICK TO IT”.

If however you choose to leave a league, you can submit the leave application by going to the league options menu. All of your items will be sent to you via mail.

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