DDTank is a cute turn based fighting game which you can play right out of your browser. It’s a shooter game which allows you to shoot projectiles over the enemy’s head, make leagues, upgrade weapons and complete various quests, all from your favorite browser. DDTank has pretty damn good graphics and sound effects for a browser game. The game is very noob friendly and interesting at the same time due to it’s vast community of over 3.5 million players. It is a good game to keep a casual player busy for a short amount of time.

There are also some downsides of this game. Like all of the other free browser based MMOs, DDTank is free but tries to squeeze the money out of your pockets by putting you and your time spent in the game on risk. It allows you to upgrade your weapons but you will be needing a divine amulet to prevent a downgrade, or to completely lose your weapon in case the fortification fails. It allows you to have many weapons through the currency earned in the game but they will always be inferior to the weapons bought with real money. Not to mention the game becomes pretty repetitive if you are not willing to spend real money.


The gameplay of DDTank is intuitive and simple. At the start, the avatar of the player appears to be in a ground with different buildings in it. Every building is associated with some specific task such as storing your items, joining a league, upgrading your weapons and so on. In the fights, the players try to eliminate each other by throwing projectile weapons at each other. Accuracy in measuring the distance and hitting the target based on that distance, wind force and height of the target is what distinguishes between a good and an ordinary player.

There are many weapons to choose from. You can see the list by going to the shop.Moreover, you can also upgrade or as it is called “fortify” your weapons using special stones called energy stones. The main currency of DDTank is gold which can be bought, obtained by winning battles and earned by completing different quests. The strength of your character is determined by his character attributes which are as follows:

Level: The amount of XP you have and percentage of XP you need to move to the next level.

Power: Power of a character based on their level and their gear upgrades.

Offense: Your actual damaging power based on the weapon and base stats.

Defense: This characteristic defines how good you can stand against an enemy’s attacks.

Agility: The character’s ability to move. High agility means more back to back attacks.

DDTank Strategy Guides & Tips

We’ve put together the best tips and strategy guides for DDTank.  These guides should help you find your way around the game and improve your skills!

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DDTank Cheats

Looking for more cheats for DDTank?  Here’s a list of the best cheats and tips we have to help you get ahead in the game.

  • While in battle, always keep your distance both from the enemy and your team. Going too close to the enemy will make the enemy’s attack easier while staying too close to your teammate will allow the enemy to attack both of you in a single go using 3-in-1.
  • Paper plane is a wonderful strategy. Use it when needed but not too much. Using the paper plane too much can get you into some serious trouble, especially when the enemy’s POW is fully charged.
  • Always try to eliminate the nearest enemy first. Not only is the nearest enemy easy to aim, you are easy to be aimed by him too. Do not waste your time in executing those who have a very less chance of hitting you. Also, the stress on team lowers exponentially when the number of players decrease. Facing three players at once is 5 times as hard as facing one player. Decrease the number linearly, decrease the stress exponentially.


  • While choosing a weapon, there are other parameters to be considered too alongwith the weapon damage. Choosing a weapon according to the type of fights you are going to fight is sometimes even more important than the weapon damage itself. For example, the weapon damage of 3-in-1 seems to be much greater than the single-aim weapons but the damage of 3-in-1 is divided among three enemies. Therefore, if you are facing a single enemy, it will cause less damage despite of having a high hit rate.
  • Whenever possible use the 3-in-1. Though wise players will keep them arranged in the team in such a way that no more than one can be hit at a time, you will notice how often people are not so wise. 3-in-1 can also be used when you have a very low chance of hitting the enemy. If the enemy is hiding somewhere safe, bombard him with 3-in-1. Some damage is better than no damage.
  • While fighting in a team, always have a strong defender and put him in the front. He will take the attacks allowing you to take down the enemies. Also, try to eliminate the strongest player in the enemy line first. A player with substantial firepower can take down your entire team.
  • Sometimes it is evident that your team is going to lose. Self sacrifice in this case can lead your team to victory. One person from your team should start firing at the enemies mindlessly, without any strategy. This will cause the enemies to focus their attack on him while the rest of your team waits to be “enraged” due to that player’s mad firing. This will cause your team to make more killing moves. The player sacrificing himself for the team can also use certain items which he brought with him while coming for the battle to increase the accuracy of the team attacks.

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