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Cradle of Empires Cheats & Tips for Crystals & Powerups

Awem Games is a fairly new company that by the looks of it wants to focus towards developing a family friendly gameplay on most of their games for 2016. However, they’ve just published one game so far and that’s Cradle of Empires. Cradle of Empires seems like the average match 3 puzzling games that we are all used to by now but with a relatively new feel to it and that’s the ancient and mythical vibe this game has at its core. As you go through you’ll notice that from the entirety of its environment and each of the game modes featured within the game.

It looks like the developers wanted to take something that most people have already shown a lot of acceptance and add their own original features to it so that they can start building a business onwards in 2016. This is a game that’s playable by anyone in the house without any supervision and that’s something that’ll keep you interested for quite a while. As you go through the game though you’ll notice that there are a few features that the little ones might not notice without help and those little facts might be the key to enjoy of a much easier overall experience.

This game has received incredible feedback from the users which is not fairly common anymore for a Match 3 Puzzling game which is something quite surprising. Nevertheless the game has achieved around 4 stars on the iTunes App Store with over 23,000 total reviews in 2016. The game has seen an slightly better success on the Google Play Store, as it has around 4.3 stars with over 49,000 total reviews. The game overall has been getting very positive feedback until the latest update.

About Cradle of Empires

Cradle of Empires is situated in ancient times and you’ll notice that right off the beginning. It features a decent amount of content that’ll keep you going through the game for quite a while without looking back and that’s something really good. It also features the simple gameplay style found in any other match 3 puzzling game out there and while it might strike you as the average match 3 game you’ll notice that there are a few things that make this game actually stand out from the rest. However, if you don’t like match 3 puzzling games at all the game itself won’t be a fairly pleasant experience.


The game features enough original features to easily stand out from the rest and while that’s not so difficult to achieve at the moment the key is within the details and the quality of this content and that’s something that the developers from Awem Games have already covered on Cradle of Empires as it seems like they’ve already went over the details over and over again so that no one would ever find any discrepancies with the way the game is carried out and its overall functionality.

Cradle of Empires is currently available for both platforms respectively iOS and android. The game features the same amount of content disregard the differences between the space required on the device itself. The game is significantly larger on the iOS platform given the developing limitations. Also, the game has been presented under different companies on both platforms.

The latest update apparently changed a lot of things within the game and while the original intention from the developers was to optimize it a little more, it seems like they made it a tad more unstable. To be able to play this game on your android device you’re going to need any device running at least android version 4.1. If you’re looking to play this game on your iOS device it requires any iOS device running at least iOS version 7.0.

Cradle of Empires is a game from a relatively new company that has been quite successful despite the fact that this is their first entry to the mobile industry they’ve done a pretty good job so far. The game itself features enough content to stand out from the rest and it kept things simple with their gameplay style as they just got the best features from the average match 3 puzzle games and just added a bunch of their own features on top of them. While it might not be the best idea ever, it’s good enough to keep most people entertained for a while and as you’ll be able to see on the feedback section of both platforms this game is amazingly good at one thing and that’s killing time. As you go through the game you’ll unravel a bunch of features that are fairly interesting having in mind that there’s a lot of ancient secrets for you to discover within the game’s main plot.

Cradle of Empires In Game Store


Cradle of Empires does feature an in game store and it also features a premium currency as well. The premium currency is known as crystals and these crystals are available to be bought by the use of real currency. These crystals will give you access to a variety of items that will have a direct impact on your overall performance and they will also allow you to use a variety of power ups available on each game which can come in handy on those particularly difficult levels. You’ll be able to buy additional moves and lives as well so as you might have already notice these crystals are fairly important and will give you a lot of advantages over the main gameplay system which will provide you with the most immersive experience ever.

Cheats & Tips for Cradle of Empires

Cradle of Empires is just like any other match 3 puzzle game at its core as the gameplay is pretty much the same as the average game of this kind. But the kicker that makes this game actually stand out from the rest of the match 3 puzzle games is the fact that it features enough interesting content to keep most players interested for a while. The game does feature a lot of goodies as you’ll be able to notice but that also means that there are a lot more of tips, techniques and cheats to follow in order to get the best out of the game at any point.


Just like in any other match 3 puzzling game you’ll notice that there are a few special pieces that when used properly will trigger a special effect. Most of the time this special effect is just an explosion of some sort that will take out as many pieces as possible that were surrounding the special piece at the beginning and that means that you’ll get a particular multiplier which will improve your overall score by an important measure. This means that you should always try to be several moves ahead because that will allow you to have a proper understanding on what’s about to happen on each move.

Focus is something that most players take for granted but that will improve your overall performance by a very important measure. If you find a particularly quiet place where you can just sit for a while without being disturbed by anything, do it as you’ll notice an immediate performance boost right after you start playing on that particular place because of how greatly this game benefits from a focused player. Have in mind that this game does take a lot of practice in order for you to be able to go through it without any problems.

You might experience a few issues at the beginning because of the amount of content that’s being featured within the game and that might make you feel a tad overwhelmed. But don’t worry about it as the game features a really good and explicit tutorial that’ll get you up to speed and the game itself will try to keep you posted with each of the game’s features as you progress through the game itself. Every single time that the game shows you a new feature it’ll come with its own explanation so that you don’t run into any issues throughout your gameplay.


You can always use the crystals from the in game store as they will allow you to gain some advantage over the main game’s gameplay. The fact that the game features this crystals just makes everything way simpler because that actually means that if you’re having any issues with a particular level you can just get a few items that allow you to go by easily, use power ups, buy more lives or boost the effects of the special pieces. Whatever happens is up to you if you have these crystals under your power and that’s pretty much the intention from the developers as they’ve developed a smart way to earn some money from the users by giving them a much simpler way to do things within their own game.

If you want to earn more money you can simply redo each of the levels and that’ll just multiply your earnings while giving you a place to practice your skills. This is actually quite a win-win because you’ll get an even better understanding of the game while earning some more money which is always nice.

Cradle of Empires Review

The companies behind these games are relatively new that operate under the same development team but they’ve just used different names on each platform to ensure an obvious differentiation. However, they’ve developed a very high quality product that won’t have any issues keeping you interested in it for quite a while. The game features enough original content to entertain most users nowadays and the fact that it’s not just the average match 3 puzzle game just makes it even better. As you go through the game you’ll notice that the game does have a lot of content which is nice and the fact that you can go through it and redo each of the levels to farm money is just amazing. This game has been praised on both platforms until the release of the latest update which has been known to cause a few issues while the developers had in mind the exact opposite case.


The game is still very optimized and well-developed so that you probably won’t encounter any issues as it seems like the developers actually thought about everything and covered every rough edge that could have been present at the game at a certain point. This is a game that despite the fact that’s been developed by a new company is experiencing a lot of success on both platforms and that’s something that’s just not as common as it should be.

The game features a very good storyline that’ll keep you on your toes and wanting for more every step of the way which has an amazing effect on the player as it’ll feel really addictive. The also features a lot of original content which isn’t that common on most match 3 puzzle games as they just normally change a few things and add the match 3 mechanics on top of it and result in a very poor and mediocre experience but that’s not the case for Cradle of Empires and you’ll notice that from the very beginning of the game itself. The developers also put a lot of effort towards developing a stable gameplay experience as you’ll be able to notice from the tutorials and the mechanics found within the game. The fact that everything is so well-explained makes you think if the developers thought about everything or if it’s just a temporary feel because of how high quality the product really is.


The soundtrack and the sound effects found within the game also match the entire thematic to perfection as you won’t have any issues getting the immersive experience intended by the developers. As you go through the game you’ll notice the importance of a well-structured balance between these two aspects and how they affect the overall experience of the game.

Cradle of Empires Ratings

Artwork: Cradle of Empires features a lot of original artwork and very good graphics that’ll make you wonder if this is really the work of a new company or if the developers behind this company used to work for a bigger developing studio in the past. You won’t experience any mistakes throughout your playthroughs as it seems like they’ve thought about everything. The artwork found within the game just fits the whole thematic to perfection. I give Cradle of Empires a 9/10 rating for its artwork.

Music and Sound Effects: The game features a very well-structured balance that’ll have a strong impact on the way your whole experienced is carried out as it helps a lot the intended immersive experience the developers were talking about on the product’s description. The balance is just well-structured and gives space for the sound effects kit to shine along with its visual effects without having the soundtrack interfering with it which is something amazing to experience. I give Cradle of Empires a 9/10 rating for its music and sound effects.

Story and Originality: This game features a consistent storyline and it’s fairly interesting without many dull moments. The fact that the game does feature a lot of original content just makes it better because that’s the exact reason that’ll make you stay for a while. Most games of this kind just don’t add enough original features to actually stand out from the rest and get uninstalled by the users in a fairly quick manner but that’s not the case for Cradle of Empires as the game just features enough content for anyone who decides to give it a shot. I give Cradle of Empires a 9/10 rating for its story and originality.

General Gameplay: Cradle of Empires features a very simple gameplay that’s present on any other match 3 puzzle. However, that doesn’t really mean that the developers didn’t give it their personal touch as the game itself has a few original features that affect the gameplay directly and will make you enjoy the game even more. A few of these aspects will help a lot towards providing the most immersive experience ever and despite the fact that the game itself feature a lot of content and how overwhelming it might feel at a certain point, the developers seem to have thought about it and the implementation of really explicit tutorials just confirms it. I give Cradle of Empires a 9/10 rating for its general gameplay.

Addictiveness: Cradle of Empires is a game that can be fairly addictive for most people as this sort of game just get a lot of attention from most part of the community without much effort. But the fact that the game features enough content to actually make it stand out from the rest of the match 3 puzzling games just makes the experience worthwhile. I give Cradle of Empires a 9/10 rating for its addictiveness.

Overall, I give Cradle of Empires a 9/10 rating.

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