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Clash of Kings Cheats, Tricks & Review

Clash of Kings is a PVP strategy type game, in which you farm resources by waiting for them to generate or by attacking other villages to steal them. This game type is shared by many other games such as Clash of Clans and Game of War, which makes the game very similar to others. Despite this fact, it is still a game that you should check out.


Fun: 8/10
 This game is loads of fun. You get to destroy peoples villages and steal the resources they worked hard to earn. On the flip side, they can do the same to you. 
You have a lot of choices on how to attack, how to defend, etc. I gave this game a solid 8/10 because you can play this game for months, maybe even years on end, and not be getting bored due to the many different things you can do in it and not to forget the updates from the developers. This also gives the game a great replay-ability factor.

Story: 6/10
 Honestly, there is absolutely no story in this game. You are pretty much plopped inside of a village and expected to fight for your materials. For this reason I’m giving it a 6/10. They give no back story on why you hate every single other player that plays, but this guy in the first scene who is either your brother or friend wants to help you. And every so often after the tutorial, this guy with white hair will assist you. After the tutorial, there is pretty much no story, and you are left without the reason that you love to attack everyone.

Difficulty: 4/10
 This game is hard to begin but once you start to play it for a while, you’ll love playing. The only hard parts I noticed were the base rearrangements, as it took a bit of time to get it just right. Especially to comply with peoples attack strategies.

Price: 7/10
 This game is free, but similarly to all other games of this type, it is primary based on a pay to win. Of course you can pay your way through the game with Gold, which can get you as much wood and food as you want. The only problem is that if

Addictiveness: 9/10
 Holy hell this game is addicting. After playing it for the first 3 hours, I had trouble putting it down. One night of just attacking bases and farming for loot, I stayed up till 3 AM just looking for new ways to attack and looking up base strategies. Once you start playing this game, you’ll have trouble putting it down. Even after all of this, there is a cooldown, as you need to ready your troops, wait for them to generate, etc. This game handles it well so you can’t play ‘too’ much at a time.

Replay value: 6/10
 This game definitely has replay value. This game is playable to the point where if you get to the highest level, you still won’t find it boring. This game is playable for months on end, and if you get a good start, you are likely to play for a long time. I’ve found that even after playing for months, there won’t be much problems still updating your base. The reason that I’ve given it a 6/10 is because no matter what level you get to, there will always be that one person who will always out best you in battles because he buys all of his in game items using actual real life currency.

Pay to Win: 1/10
Like other games of this sort, they all have the same one mistake. Each game of this type, including Clash of Clans and Game of War, have the feature that you can buy in game resources using actual money. This is a big problem is you can basically invest a few hundred dollars into the game, and you’ll be one of the best. I am not saying that they should remove this feature, but they should make it much more costly.

Bugs/Compability 8/10
 I, myself, have fortunately have had absolutely no problems with this game. This being said I am playing on a more updated device, running Android Lollipop. Although I haven’t had problems personally, I have seen people on forums have problems running this game on their devices. In my own experiences, you shouldn’t have any problem if you have a device which has been updated to KitKat or maybe even Jellybean. As for the iOS side of things, this game runs fine on my 2011 iPad 2. This being said, any device running on at least iOS 5 should run the game smoothly. Other devices, such as the iPhone 3G, older iPod Touches, or the original iPad may have problems running this game.

Originality: 3/10 
We all know at this point that there are hundreds of ripoffs of the world famous game “Clash of Clans”. Unfortunately this is one of them. Even though it is not an original idea, the creators of this game have executed the idea of it very well. For this reason I have given the game a 3/10. Unoriginal idea but great execution on the developers part.

Community: 8/10 
As this game has over 10 Million players, there is definitely a large community. As mentioned before, there are forums for this game as well as various YouTube channels dedicated to it.

Overall: 7/10 
I found this game really great, and sometimes had trouble putting it down. This is undoubtedly a great game but because it is an obvious copy of Clash of Clans, and takes some bad aspects from it, I have to give it a 7/10, but don’t let that fact get your hopes down. I still would encourage people to try this game because this copy might just be as good as the original.

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