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Boom Beach Troops Guide & Tips

“If you know your enemies and yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles” said Sun Tzu. The key to becoming a good player is to know yourself, your true power, your own army. Unless you know every single troop of yours, it is difficult to make suitable formations. While it is possible to take out most of the bases by following most common techniques used by other players, it is necessary to know your troops inside out to make your own strategies according to every base. It is quite possible that people will be following strategies made by you in near future so buck up! commander!



Riflemen are the first troops you are going to see in the game. Riflemen have mediocre health and firepower but they make up for these deficiencies with their number. Riflemen are the cheapest and lightest troops in Boom Beach. You can make a ton of them, load them on the boats and rush the enemy bases with them.

Riflemen are great against Cannons, Boom Cannons and Sniper Towers because these buildings kill individual troops and riflemen aren’t any low on the numbers. Their weaknesses are Flamethrowers, Machine Guns, Mortars and Mines due to their widespread attack and splash damage. Riflemen are great for initial levels. Moving forward, you will find better replacements.



Heavy are the meatshield of the army in a true sense. They have huge health, low firepower and take forever to go from one place to the other. Heavies are weak against weapons that do pinpoint damage. Weapons with widespread damage are mostly useless against Heavy due to their high health.

Due to their low mobility and firepower, they are only good if used as a meatshield. Using them as primary troops is not a good idea. Not only do they take forever to go from one place to the other, they then take another forever to take the building down. At the initial levels, Riflemen+Heavy maybe a good combo. In the mid levels, Heavies combine well with Zookas. One thing you must keep in mind is the speed difference between Heavies and the other players. There is no point in using Heavies if Riflemen/Zookas get ahead of them and start taking all the enemy bullets.



The ladies with launchers are called Zookas. They have a very low health but their firepower is ridiculous, just like any normal woman. They have a very long range and can inflict pinpoint damage to far away buildings. Due to their low health, they must always be shielded from the direct enemy attack. Any buildings having the capability of firing from above the front line should also be destroyed using Artillery(more on that in a minute) in advance. Once the shielding troops are gone, your Zookas will last no longer than 30 seconds in the field.

At their initial levels, Zookas party well with the Heavies. Then, after Warriors are unlocked, it is a better idea to combine Zookas with Warriors. Remember I told you about keeping Zookas behind Heavies or there is no point of the formation? You don’t have to worry about that in Zooka-Warrior team as Warriors have a higher mobility than Zookas so they will naturally always be ahead of them.



Warriors are my favorite troops. This pack of tribal fearless beasts have the highest damage. They don’t believe in the modern world toys we regard as guns and rely on their crystal hammers to destroy the strongest bases. The crystal hammer restores their health with every stroke so it is possible to take down a base with no apparent damage. Without big guns, they may not attract your attention at first but with their ridiculous damage and moving speed, they make it up for the guns, and boy they make it up really well. Some of the quickest base takedowns I have seen were deployed using Warriors. There are tons of useful techniques to use with the Warriors. More on that later in this article.

Warriors are prone to Machine Guns and Flamethrowers so make sure to take them down before deploying Warriors.



Tank is a real war machine with 2nd highest damage and 2nd longest range. Due to their huge mass, they are probably the slowest in moving and attacking speed. They take 2 energy to be deployed. Tanks are weak against weapons that inflict pin-point damage like Cannons, Boom Cannons and Boom Mines. Tanks are relatively harder to handle in a battle due to their low speed and the fact that losing a single Tank cost you a battle. They are costly to train and replace but if you use them correctly, they are well worth it.



Not every troop is in the battle to kill next 50 people they are going to see. Medics believe in love and peace. They heal other troops. Medics have the highest move speed of all. They do not inflict any kind of damage and have the lowest health, even lower than Zookas. Medics are best used with units having high health. The reason being high health units are the ones that take a lot of space on boats and losing even one of them makes significant difference in your task force. Also, they can take some damage before and while being healed. Healing low health units is more often than not useless because they die before the healing process is completed.

Medics automatically stay behind the troops so they are always safe from the Machine Guns, Flamethrowers and Sniper Towers. But weapons with splash damage like Cannons and Boom Cannons can take out multiple Medics at once. Therefore, always take down splash damage weapons before deploying Medics.



Grenadiers are probably the hardest unit to fight with. They have awful stats with 2nd lowest move speed and are highly inaccurate while attacking. They will hit buildings other than targeted 80-90% of the time. Using them as your primary troops may not be a good idea since they seldom hit a building they want to.

Good things about them are they have the longest range of all units. They can target(or try to target) any building from anywhere. Ironically, there inaccuracy is their strength. It enables them to weaken a wide range of buildings which can then easily be destroyed by other units. They have above average health which prevents them from being killed instantaneously. You can put some Medics to keep them alive longer. Deploying only grenadiers on a base you intend to destroy is probably not a good idea.



Scorchers is the last unit you will unlock in Boom Beach. They are unlocked at HQ-18. Scorchers have an immense flamethrower attached to their front panel. They have a short range. Scorchers is the unit with highest health in Boom Beach. They are faster than tanks and are very expensive. Only a single Scorcher can be loaded on the boat for being deployed. Therefore, losing even a single Scorcher can turn the tables in a battle.

Scorchers when upgraded are immensely powerful. They take only a few seconds to burn any building down to the ground. Scorchers should be used when adequately upgraded. High level Scorchers can take down an entire base in the matter of seconds. Every Scorcher takes 12 energy to be deployed. They are weak against Cannons, Boom Cannons and Boom Mines.

Since space is crucial when attacking with Scorchers, you cannot take Medics with you. Instead, use medkits whenever you are about to lose a Scorcher. To clear out mines, use Barrage or Critters from gunboat. You do not want to lose a Scorcher in a battle. Therefore, make sure you have plenty of energy before setting off for a battle.
If any of these words are unfamiliar to you, just read along. Everything is explained in detail below.

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