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Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder Cheats, Guide & Tips for Stars

Adventure Escape: Framed is a categorized as an adventure and crime game that is brought to you by Haiku Games. Adventure Escape: Framed is rated T for Teen because of the blood and implied violence in this game. Adventure Escape: Framed puts you in the shoes of Detective Kate Gray, a police officer that has found a murdered student in her office. You are tasked with solving the case with the help of your police chief, Sylvia, in 2016. Your job is to look around on campus for any suspicious activity and solve the case and get yourself off the hook.

Use your detective skills and utilize all your police skills and resources to bring the murder victim justice. You must run throughout the school campus collecting evidence and linking it to the murder. Is it the local gang that just moved into town, or perhaps some students who had something against the victim? Adventure Escape: Framed will really put your mind to the test because it is essentially a puzzle game so anyone who enjoys solving things and or wants to be a forensic analyst, this is the perfect game for you in 2016. Adventure Escape: Framed is all about getting yourself off the hook as you’ve been framed by someone who wants to set you up for the murder of the child. Get yourself free and start investigating the murder today!

Currently, Adventure Escape: Framed is available for both the Android and iTunes marketplaces in 2016. You can get the game for free on either marketplace under the same developer name. Since its release less than one month ago, Adventure Escape: Framed has received a decent amount of support from its fans. Over 50,000 people have installed this game since its release and more than 5,000 people have given it a review in 2016. Of those 5,000, 3,800 of them have given it a perfect 5/5. Adventure Escape: Framed averages a rating of 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars. Adventure Escape: Framed has a received a ton of support from its fans and the developers have fixed every issue that has come since release within a few days of hearing word of it, especially on the Apple App Store.

About Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder

Adventure Escape: Framed is a game that is all about solving a mystery that has happened at a local college. The office that you play as is actually the office that works in the office in which the murder took place. With that being said, everyone is suspecting the office of the murder, so your job is to get yourself off the hook and help the other offices believe that you are a free person who was framed wrongfully. Adventure Escape: Framed is recognized for having great graphics that really set the scenes and make the game come to life.


Players will also love the ability to search through the city at their own pace and gather all of the clues possible in order to solve the crime. Adventure Escape: Framed also has characters that you will draw connections with and feel with as you go through the story. You will love the ups and downs that this game will put you through. There are also a ton of hidden items that players can find to aid themselves in the solving of the crime.

Adventure Escape: Framed does not have any sort of in game advertisements. This means that you can play through the game smoothly without being disrupted by any ads. I really like this choice on behalf of the developers because it means people can just play the game without having stop every now and again to watch a short 30 second advertisement. I also think that games that do not feature any ads generally go over better with the general gaming population. You can watch optional ads in exchange for hints and other goodies, but those ads are completely optional and will never take over the gameplay.

Adventure Escape: Framed does feature an in game tutorial that will run players through the first sequence of the game. This tutorial is great because it really does show players exactly what they are getting into and how to go about solving the mystery that has taken place. You can only play through the tutorial once, so if you manage to miss anything, you are out of luck. The game’s controls are pretty intuitive, so if you do miss the tutorial somehow, you can basically reason your way through the game no problem. The tutorial gives the players a good understanding of the game and the controls and logic that the game implores to solve the crimes. In case you get stuck, the game even starts you out with a bunch of free hints that you can use in any sticky situations.


Adventure Escape: Framed does feature in app purchases. Currently, Adventure Escape: Framed only has one premium currency, and that is the star. Stars are used for giving yourself hints to help solve the crime. Stars can be bought in a bunch of different packages with the lowest being 5 stars for $0.99, and the highest package being 300 stars for $34.99. Purchasing stars does only really give you hints, so there is no benefit to purchasing them unless you need a lot of help passing through the game. The game is one hundred percent free to play unlike some other crime games where you need to pay to access part of the game’s content.

Hacks, Cheats & Tips for Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder

My first tip for those playing through Adventure Escape: Framed is to make sure you are checking the crime scene for clues. Make sure you tap around everywhere on a crime scene to ensure that you have checked everything you can. There are a lot of things that can easily hidden like papers and boxes that you can interact with to get through the level. Some of the trickier things that I have seen in the game are little scraps of paper that contain clues to unlocking a box or drawer. Make sure you completely scope out the crime scene before resorting to using one of your hints.


My next tip is to make sure you are using your tips sparingly. You only start with 5 tips, but you do get more as you progress through the game. I do challenge you to use them sparingly so the game is a bit more difficult and you aren’t just flying through it by using the tips. You can always get more tips if you need them, but it is completely optional and doesn’t guarantee to get you farther into the game. Another reason to not blow through your tips is in case you get to a point in the game where you get stuck. If you blow all of your tips, you might regret it when you get further into the game and get to a point where you really have no idea what is going on.

My third tip is to make sure you are taking in the story and atmosphere of the game. Adventure Escape: Framed has an amazing story and tries very hard to set a story that its fans will love. I really understand wanting to fly through the game to get to the gameplay, but I do think you will miss a lot of the best parts of the game if you do choose to do this. Another reason I recommend taking in the story is because that is what will occupy you the most in this game. If you want a game where you can solve puzzles without having to read the dialogue, I definitely recommend a different game.

Another tip I can offer is to play along with some of your friends. Adventure Escape: Framed actually has a lot of different ways to play through the game, so playing alongside some of your friends might actually result in some pretty funny instances where every player has a different ending and end suspect. You can also enjoy the game a lot more with other people because you can all play through the game and see who can get through it the fastest. Although the game wasn’t meant to be a multiplayer sort of game, you can easily turn it into one by competing with each other to see who can get through a brand new game first. You may miss some of the story and other components of the game, but you will still have a lot of fun playing through it with your friend. 

Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder Review

Overall, I give Adventure Escape: Framed a 7/10. I think the general concept of Adventure Escape: Framed is a concept that is really appealing to a lot of people. Adventure Escape: Framed is basically a game where you are tasked with solving the murder of a young student and free the detective who was accused of murdering him. A lot of people will definitely be drawn to this game because it appeals to their inquisitive side that will want to know all about the murder and who did it. Another great thing that Adventure Escape: Framed has going for it is the story. The story follows a young detective and her best friend who was accused of murder. It is all up to that detective to set her free by solving the crime and running around the school campus to do so.


The first thing that I noticed about Adventure Escape: Framed was the gameplay. I thought that the gameplay had a really great idea that I had never even thought of before! The gameplay in Adventure Escape: Framed is basically you playing as a detective and tapping around on the screen to find clues in each crime scene. You need to be very diligent and check everything from the shelves to behind the chairs to find all of the clues in a scene. You can even find extra things that will help you later on in the game. After completing a crime scene, it is up to you to decide which part of campus to head to next to continue your quest. I really enjoyed this concept and thought it was something unique that a lot of people can enjoy simply because it is something to make you think.

The next thing that I noticed about Adventure Escape: Framed was the story. I really enjoyed the story in Adventure Escape: Framed because it really attaches you to the characters to the point where you want to know what happens next. Will the murderer ever be caught, will your framed friend be put to jail despite having no involvement? You’ll have to play through the game to find out the answers. Either way, it is definitely rare to find a game in the marketplace that has a good story and it was really nice to see a solid storyline coming from Adventure Escape: Framed. It is worth mentioning that if you are a fan of this game, you should check out the developers other games because they have a lot of games that are very similar to this one.


The third thing I think is worth mentioning is the artwork in Adventure Escape: Framed. I think the artwork in this game is really amazing because it is 3 dimensional and makes everything look very realistic and nice. The artwork has a realistic but cartoonish feeling about it, but it is very appealing to look at. Not only that, but the colors used aren’t too bright, so you can easily enjoy this game at night time without hurting your eyes. I really think the art is really appealing and something that everyone can appreciate. Given that this game was completed in only a few months, I think it is relatively impressive that the developers were able to make this art possible in that short amount of a time. The art is very similar to their other games, but I think that is only because it is the same artists working on the games that they have.

Adventure Escape: Framed for Murder Ratings

Artwork: I give the artwork in Adventure Escape: Framed a 7/10. I think the artwork is really impressive considering the amount of time the artists had when making this game. The art style is 3 dimensional that has anime feelings to it. The art style is realistic in the sense that all of the people look like people, but the characters are a bit on the cartoonish side. I really enjoyed the art because all of the colors worked really well together and nothing seemed out of place or wrong. I also really like that the game wasn’t too bright so you can easily enjoy this game at night time without putting any strain on your eyes.

Music and Sound Effects: I give the music and sound effects of Adventure Escape: Framed a 6/10. I think the music gets a bit repetitive, but other than that, the sounds are pretty well put together. There is some ambient music thrown into the game, but it is the same sounds repeating over and over. I really wish that the developers would have put in more music so it doesn’t get that repetitive feeling. As far as sound effects go, I really liked the way that when you interacted with objects, the objects responded with some sort of sound. Everything sounded right in place and nothing stood out as silly or like it didn’t fit.

Story and Originality: I give the story and originality of Adventure Escape: Framed an 8/10. I was really surprised when I started playing this game to find out that it actually had a well developed story to it. The story made a lot of sense and it was very simple. I really think a lot of people will enjoy this story because it is really simple and gets straight to the points. As far as originality goes, I think this game really takes the cake.  Sure, there are a few other games that have a similar idea, but I really liked the way that this game went about handling the crimes and the way to solve them.

General Gameplay and Addictiveness: I give the general gameplay and addictiveness of Adventure Escape: Framed a 7/10. I think that the gameplay was a lot of fun, but could have been a bit more refined than it already is. Other than that one small complaint, I think a lot of people will enjoy having to figure out the puzzles and working their way through the game. As far as addictiveness goes, I think this game is really addicting. I think this game has that addicting factor because a lot of people will get hooked into the story and want to get to the next stretch of the game to see what unfolds and what crime scene they will have to go to next.

Overall, I think that Adventure Escape: Framed is a great game that almost anyone can pick up and enjoy. Adventure Escape: Framed is completely free to play and does not require you to purchase access to any additional content. Adventure Escape: Framed has challenging elements to it, but the game does have a tip system that will guide you through the game in case you happen to get stuck. Adventure Escape: Framed has a lot of great puzzles that fans will absolutely love and want to solve to see who the actual murderer is. Download Adventure Escape: Framed today and get started on the murder that occurred in your best friends office space!

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