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About Farmville 2

Every time I get on Facebook and check my notifications, I notice that I’ve always got a request telling me that Terry needs a shovel or something like that. Personally, I used to be Terry, I used to be that one annoying friend that would spam you with Farmville requests, hell, I got my own mother addicted to the game.


Farmville 2 has almost gained as much attention as its predecessor Farmville and has been given the title App Store Best of 2014. Signing up for the game will see you come into ownership of an old run down farm where it is your job to create a classic country dream. You’ll rear animals, build new structures, work the fields, economize and expand. You’ll start off the game with very little supplies, but you have to use what you’ve got in order to build up a beautifully functioning farm with all of the gadgets and whistles a humble farmer could need.

As time passes, you’ll see your farm grow and grow, everything will begin to look shiny and new, but what’s that? You don’t have that one last item you need for another expansion? Well why don’t you just go ahead and ask Terry for it? I’m sure he won’t mind, he’s always sending you requests, so he owes you one.

The game definitely has drawbacks, but it really is a fun game. It’s one of those games that you ought to try at least once, just for the experience or even if you just want something to do for a few minutes while you wait for a bus or train.

At the moment, Farmville 2 is running version 2.6.173 and requires your device to running at least iOS version 6.0 or later. The game is available to play in a variety of different languages, so it has a very large, worldwide target audience. The game is available to download from the app store for free with the opportunity to purchase further in app currency. The game also accommodates Facebook integration which makes playing the game across multiple platforms even easier for all players. The game holds an overall four star rating on the app store and has mostly favorable reviews from players.

The in app store of the game offers a variety of purchases for real money which will help you out with your journey to making your farm really awesome. The premium currency in Farmville 2 is Keys, these can be used for purchasing extra building items, speeding crops up and buying various premium farm items. A package of seventy five keys costs $2.99, a package of one hundred and forty keys costs $4.99 and a package of two hundred and eighty five keys costs $9.99.

You are also able to purchase the non-premium currency which you can use to buy crops and general items. A package of four hundred coins costs ninety nine cents, a package of one thousand three hundred coins costs $2.99 and a package of four thousand seven hundred coins costs $9.99. It’s fairly easy to obtain coins, so I wouldn’t really see the point in purchasing more with real money unless you were really in need of more coins. If you are willing to spend on this game, I’d advise just buying the keys since they are rarer and more difficult to casually come across.

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