PS4 System Update 2.50 Incoming

The latest system update to the playstation 4 system will be available tomorrow, Sony says. This update has been codenamed “yukimura” and Sony promises that it will deliver on certain features that gamers have been asking for. The most notable feature in the update list


MOBA Smite Celebrates 1 Year

Smite, the multiplayer-online battle arena published by Hi-Rez studios, is currently celebrating its first birthday. The game launched one year ago and has enjoyed a fair amount of success as a free-to-play MOBA that features a a high number of various different heroes for gamers


Danganronpa Murder Mystery Event at Anime Conji This Year

The Anime Conji takes place in San Diego from April 3rd to April 5th and celebrates the world of anime. The convention this year features a Karaeoke Sing-A-Long, an Improv Masquerade, Cosplaying, and the recently announced Danganronpa Murder Mystery Event. Gamers may or may not


Final Fantasy XV Demo Codes for Sale on Ebay

In the wake of the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD for Playstation 4 just a short while behind us, gamers have already started to sell the demo codes for Final Fantasy XV that are included with the game on ebay… and they’re going for

Nintendo Partners with DeNA for Mobile Games

Nintendo has shocked everyone by announcing that they will finally be getting in on the mobile game market by partnering up with DeNA, a Japanese company known for developing freemium games. This news is bound to delight stockholders everywhere, as they have been urging such

Elder Scrolls Online Gets Rebranded

We’ve seen it before. Final Fantasy XIV launched in 2010 and was met with negative reactions across the board. In order to succeed, FFXIV made reparations to its subscribers and relaunched the game as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Now, the same thing is


Killers and Thieves is in Development

Alex Thomas, the creative director behind Banner Saga, has announced that he is working on a new game, Killers and Thieves, while Stoic is still hard at work on Banner Saga 2. Thomas has formed a new game development company, Candle and Key; the game


Harmonix Announces Rock Band 4

With the release of Rock Band 3 over four years behind us, many though that the Rock Band series would never see another entry. However, if you’re a fan of the games, game developer Harmonix has good news for you! They have announced, in conjunction


Blizzard Introduces the WoW Token

Today, Blizzard announced a new method for gamers to acquire their subscriptions for World of Warcraft: buying an item on the auction house with in-game gold. The WoW token will be available for purchase with real money (no price has been set forth by Blizzard


Skyforge Closed Beta Dates Announced

Skyforge, an upcoming free-to-play fantasy/sci-fi MMORPG by Allods Team and, now has a date set for closed beta, and it’s sooner than you might think: March 11th. Skyforge promises a triple A experience wherein your goal is to become a God. Its prominent features